Durango Vs Orbis – Head To Head Analysis of The Pros And Cons

The gaming industry is literally at an all time high with insane amounts of anticipation as well as suspicion as to what the next generation consoles will bring about. With only a few days to go before Sony reveals the PlayStation 4 to the entire world, we thought it will be interesting to see where the two next generation consoles i.e. Orbis and Durango stand head to head.

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Gimmemorebubblez1171d ago

Grab your popcorn and watch this space as Faboys clash in one gargantuin battle....... Over rumoured specs.

Dylila1171d ago TrollingShowReplies(6)
darthv721171d ago

both platforms will be newer than their current offerings. With that alone comes a wealth of improvements from the simple things (like controls) to the technical (performance).

I welcome the next gen with open space in my entertainment center.

SoundGamer1171d ago

Are we already comparing systems when we do not have confirmed specs?

Let alone, the systems haven't even been announced yet.

modesign1171d ago

pro- they will have new technology.
con- they will be expensive.

Kalowest1171d ago

A complete comparison was a ready done, and posted on N4G by someone(Walker).

Freeball1171d ago

How can you do a comparison when they haven't even been announced yet? This next gen hype is getting ridiculous.

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