Best Buy: Paper Mario for $20, Kid Icarus, Darksiders II, Professor Layton, Black/White 2 for $15

GE: "Best Buy is running a fantastic sale on Darksiders II as well as a number of 3DS (and DS) games."


More deals added - Borderlands 2, Need for Speed, and more.

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Sharius1256d ago

darksiders 2 sound good, but i think i'll pick this up later if i hear some company will pick this ID and finish it

ahronith1256d ago

I promise, Darksiders 2 is worth picking up regardless if the ip continues or not.

dgonza401256d ago

This is very contradictory. Whoever picks up the IP is going to want to hear this game is selling in order to make a Darksiders 3. If you want that, then pick up the game.

jagstatboy1256d ago

$15? I'm so getting this today!

Outsider-G1256d ago

I wish Canada had this deal

IcicleTrepan1256d ago

Canada always gets screwed on the good deals :(

Game0N1256d ago

I highly recommend Darksiders 2, one of the best games of 2012.

nikrel1256d ago

Thank you! I just ordered this, wow 15 bucks wtf amazing.

Starbucks_Fan1256d ago

I got DS2 this morning. Turned out to be the hologram LE :D

Also got Pokemon B2. Great deals.

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