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Gimmemorebubblez1926d ago

All jump aboard the Hype Train!

theBAWSE1926d ago

@remanutd Yep and then we have internet meltdown

thing I'm most happy about is the mic and headfone Jack on the everyone who has a ps4 can chat online if they want..

TheGamerDood1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

whoa that looks way different from the one from yesterday. It's less bulky. I like it, it looks sleek and sexy.

yeah this thing looks like a tank compared to the one above.

All aboard....all aboard....all aboard..the hype train. ^^

blackbeld1926d ago

5 long days!

Can't wait!

nice controller btw.

Darrius Cole1926d ago

Everyone who wanted to chat on a PS3 already could. I prefer a Blu-tooth headset a wired mic & headseat. But if it doesn hurt why not.

I think the D-pad buttons are a bit too close together.

The Dual-Shock wasn't broken. That's why people revolted when they talked about changing it in the run-up to the PS3 release. The new controller should be as close to that as they can get it while adding whatever new functionality fits their plan.

trenso11926d ago

I like the controller but the way the start selevt buttons are place i think should be moved cant wait for the 20th!

TheGamerDood1926d ago

added more contrast to reveal a bit more detail.

Rob41926d ago

I just hope there isnt a light on the controller and something like this

darthv721926d ago

very reminiscent of the 3DO controller.

Given the option between the two prototypes that have been shown. This one with twin sticks and the touchpad above vs the one with the twin sticks removed and the touchpad in place of them...

I actually can see more potential in the touchpads are replacements for the twin sticks. The sticks themselves offer directional movement and the "click" to activate something. Yet put the touchpads in as a replacement and you can still have directional movement and the press to activate but also other functions can be programmed for the touch pads.

It would certainly feel more natural using the thumbs down lower instead of reaching up (if the pad were above like in the one controller) or trying to use the index fingers to reach over.

I know many probably hate the idea of touch pad as a replacement for the sticks but they are associating that feeling with the current way it is offered on phones or tablets.

This is SONY we are talking about. im sure they would be able to improve the feel to the point of it being more responsive and comfortable than existing designs.

LolololRumz1926d ago

I actually hope those buttons at either side are start and select.

1. It would free up room on that trackpad
2. I think it would be a more comfortable placement for them (Going off roughly the same position on the current DS)

DOMination-1926d ago

No offense but this controller looks cheap and nasty. If the final design looks like this then i will be very disappointed. It looks like a madcatz or logitech controller or something.

gaffyh1926d ago

@Dom -

1. It's a prototype
2. Everything always looks better when you see it first hand and not off some random camera phone images. Case in point, PS3 Slim (standard), looks much better in person than in pictures.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion though. I'm pretty sure people said the same thing about the original Xbox 360 controller, because it does look quite childish in terms of colours etc., but when you play with it you realise that it works.

Same will be the case with this. The grips look longer than in the other image, something which I am very glad about. I REALLY really hope this is the real controller, because it looks perfect imo, it takes everyone's gripes about the DS3, and improves upon it dramatically.

Masta_fro1926d ago

I don't care what anyone says...That prototype looks very very comfortable.

Bring it...

I just hope rear triggers are concave and not convex like dualshock 3...

Exquisik1925d ago

If this...

is the final design, I would sleep with the controller every night. Though I very much doubt it as I'm sure Sony would want to implement a concave thumbsticks rather than convex.

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Root1926d ago

I wished they hand an angle taken from the we could see the R2/L2 buttons

Irishguy951925d ago

Hope they are Concave like the Wii's one and 360's one. The triggers are literally the only thing I don't like about the Ps3 controller. I can live with Convex again either way but i'd prefer the concave ones

Cam9771926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I can't wait! It looks like the original Ps controller - I REALLY like that!

aceitman1926d ago

is that a headphone jack beneath the playstation button.nice if it is .

CatXFlash1926d ago

Chooo Chooo!! I love it xD

gedapeleda1926d ago

Can't hype cuz this onelooks cgi

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

"All jump aboard the Hype Train! "

The bestest train ever!!

Can't wait for MS & bungie to reveal destiny! I want to see what I will get on ps4

StraightPath1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Slowing trying to be xbox 360 controller most comfy and undefeated controller. Apart from its dpad which was fixed with the special dpad twisting controller. Exciting to see final controller these ones look like cheap madcatz controllers.

xtremeimport1926d ago

that angle makes it look completely different.
I wonder how bit it is...gotta be wider than the dualshock.

akaakaaka1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I'm guessing left side is wider than right side to get feedback from the devs etc and see which one feats better?

ooh pls someone use the funny hitler scene to make fun of M$ after the 20th lol i na imagine it already, they are always funny. "who ever is going to buy a PS4 exit the room" and everybody leaves.. ahaha

adorie1926d ago

The top buttons look like Sony took a number from Microsoft, with regard to the bumpers.

xtremeimport1925d ago

How'd you get that from these pics?
plus, I dont like the xbox bumpers. I've had a few that are sensitive to response and have to be pressed right in order to work.

R1 and L1 can stay just the same imo!

Just_The_Truth1925d ago

I don't like the touch pad/screen but I think I'll all work out. Plus I'm sure you can use the ps3 controller anyways.

kparks1925d ago

I hope they don't go with concave joysticks

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mandf1926d ago

Thank God the analogs sticks are there. I wasn't to excited for yesterdays photos.

Simon_Brezhnev1926d ago

Looks like the analog sticks are further apart.

bwazy1926d ago

Which should be more than fine. Hell, if people can use the Wii U's pad with comfort, this should be no problem in terms of unfamiliarity!

(Not saying you're implying the above, just branching out from your observation.)

akaakaaka1926d ago

I'm guessing this leak was to calm down the negative of that news and they do it right by just showing their prototype .. Sony is on top of the game and doing everything right

MagneticDeath1926d ago

Looks solid cant wait for the 20th.


hmm headphones port? if the thing in the middle is a mic then there be no point of that jack being a headset port right?

Nitrowolf21926d ago

Maybe for audio streaming? I would really like some sort of master volume if that's the case. Like my Sharkoon can change both chat volume and game volume with out messing one another.

Knight_Crawler1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I though Nintendo had a patent on controllers with a speaker on it...I loved playing Zelda on the Wii and hearing that sound come from the Wii Mote when you open a chess or fall into a hole.

Godchild10201926d ago

Maybe Its for those that don't want to scream at their controller but talk into a mic.

xursz1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

There's always a chance of getting light feedback with an "open mic" like you get if you use the Playstation eye for a microphone online. We don't even know that it is a mic though.

And also I'd be SHOCKED if this didn't turn out to be the premium controller for the system. In other words the "First Player" controller; when playing with siblings only seniority gets to use the DualShockX. Haha.

If it's that packed with features there is no way they can sell it for $50 like the Dualshock3.

Nick_5151926d ago

I really hope this isn't a "premium" controller. They need this to be the standard controller or else it will be move all over again.

xursz1926d ago

The idea is that one beefy controller comes with every new system but you can buy regular controllers as extras to play with friends. If that's the case it's literally impossible for DualshockX to get a 1/4 tie in rate like Move did.

Obviously I'm just having fun speculating for now.

Arksine1926d ago

Its likely a headset port. That grille in the middle is for a speaker similar to the one in the wiimote. A speaker on the controller does add a bit of additional feedback for immersiveness, as long as devs don't go overboard with it.

I really think that instead of a touch panel they should incorporate a low resolution touch screen. That gives developers the option for custom buttons. It doesn't even have to be color, monochrome would be good enough and cheap.

bwazy1926d ago

I'd say its far too big to be a microphone. Looks like a speaker (less they minimize the mesh/sound holes). Think more like the vitas speakers.

Nick_5151926d ago

Hopefully it is a mic and not a speaker. It DOES look like a speaker, but hopefully that means it's either a really good mic or just because it's a prototype.

Eck01926d ago

hope its not a microphone.... cause imagine if its a mic.. it would pick up all the clicking of buttons and movement of your hands..unless they have a way to eliminate those sounds

Donnieboi1926d ago

The headphone jack is for listening to audio in the game. U have any idea how much game companies put effort into getting great sound into their games? But without headphones, we miss a lot of details in the sound. For example, when I use my turtle beaches, I can hear the exact location of enemies in games like battlefield, dark souls, etc so i can react fast. Games like that improve your reaction time when u can know where an enemy is approaching from before you defend/go ham back on them :D

dgonza401926d ago

Maybe this means it will come bundled with a cheap headset for every PS3, which would be awesome and would promote the social aspect people keep wanting on the PS3

hobohunterz1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

@CRASH Actually its the oposite of what your thinking, if your using a mic on your controller you can use a normal pair of headphones for the game and mic sound coming out, by using headphones the mic wouldnt be picking up game noise from speakers.

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Sharius1926d ago

wow, those sony guys sure know how to excited the grounds