Who’ll make Wipeout for PS4? We weigh up candidates for Sony’s traditional launch game

OPM: Future racer Wipeout has been one of Sony’s go-to launch games. Wherever there’s been new hardware there’s been new Wipout so why would PS4 be any different? Except on August 2012, Studio Liverpool, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s flagship studio, one of the biggest in Sony’s Worldwide Studios family, and Wipeout developer, closed.

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NastyLeftHook01983d ago

i just...cannot wait to see how visually stunning and how brilliant the next wipeout game will be on ps4 with its futuristic design on new ps4 hardware.

Gimmemorebubblez1983d ago

Evolution Studios should make WipeOut.

BullyMangler1982d ago

the real question is . . will we see F-Zero on the wiiU?

Many-hat51981d ago

I am registering a comment here, mainly because I wish to show my admiration for Studio liverpool, as was. Wipeout3 for me,is still the only game on either console to really make me think 'next gen' It was superbly coded, has wonderful art work and great gameplay, all @ 1080/ 60fps! Sure there are some flaws,and the 'Fury' add on was pathetic.But still,Sony are crazy to let much of this talent go. Anyway, who will produce the next wipeout? Hopefully, same guys, different name.