The Costly Pursuit

Xbox Live Gamer Hub staff member Sean writes:

''Ok I understand that this blog title sounds like an afternoon film you would see on a low brow channel, I understand that the film would more possibly follow some poor chap chasing after some high class lady (insert your mum joke here) but it’s not. This blog is something of an answer to the question of why do people bother with collectors editions? (Often this question is followed by some lame attempt to question a life style choice or indeed on how one would spend their money).

I understand that from the point of view of many people, who either have little to no interest in video games, that spending £50 to £100 (or even more in the recent cases of Halo Reach Legendary edition and Killzone 3 Helghast edition) is an utter waste of money. Well to be fair it’s a very subjective view, after all one persons waste of money may be a different persons prized investment. I’m going to offer my own view point on why I collect limited/collectors editions of video games and even films.
I love video games, I can play them for countless hours on end, I can talk about them for hours on end and I even enjoy (I hate to use this term) but debating about them.''

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