GAME responds to anti-pre-owned next-gen rumours

GAME has told that it is "constantly evolving" its business and will "continue to provide a relevant and leading proposition" for consumers, regardless of whether next-generation consoles restrict the use of second-hand software.

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KingWilly1051895d ago

It will be interesting how stores like Gamestop will deal with no used games. Even their new games are used, as employees take them home to play with them.

Captain Qwark 91895d ago

agreed its sort of bs. if i buy a new game there thats sealed, cut it open in the store and try to give it back it used. however if they break the seal its still new. if there employee takes it home and plays it, its still new. bullsh*t if you ask me.

thats said, if i were gamestop and they wanted to restrict used game sales like that i would just refuse to stock their console. they dont make much off selling new consoles anyway as far as i know so it wouldnt hurt your business nearly as much as it would hurt theirs however blocking used games screws you with no lube

rainslacker1894d ago

I'd imagine if this whole anti-used game thing came to pass, they would cut out that policy. Even now the employees aren't allowed to take the online pass. I wouldn't be surprised if all the cases on the wall ended up just being display boxes, which in my opinion they should be anyways, and a new game should be sealed when purchased.

Tetsujin1895d ago

"If true, the decision to block pre-owned games could have big repercussions for GAME and other businesses built around the sale of second-hand games software." (From the article)

If (and I mean big IF) Sony/Microsoft blocks used games, one suggestion would be to sell vintage games used like some other businesses do, and still maintain profit. From a customer standpoint just wait till games go bargin-bin then pick em up, that way if you don't like the game the most you spent was $20 which is a dinner and/or a movie.

Ashlen1895d ago

There won't be a bargain bin with out used to drive the price down. If you saw the recent EA meeting report posted here they said they would like to sell every game for full price.

Tetsujin1895d ago

A lot of stores will have no choice but to do sales to clear inventory; however some companies I can see them being stubborn enough to sell 3+ year old games at full price when no one is buying them. Online I can see a lot of sites bundling games together so instead of buying separately your still paying $60+ but for more games.

Ashlen1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I think that's wishful thinking. The cost for the retail chains has also been brought down by used. The retail chains will not be able to offer the type of discounts you see now. I can't say there won't be any sales but I can guarantee the days of paying 20-30$ for games will end. And the average cost of games will rise dramatically. When competition is lost the consumer is always the loser.

Mikeyy1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

$20 for dinner and a movie?

Movie tickets are $9 each. That's $18

And going out to dinner for $20? For 2?? Only if you are doing an Applebee's special.. dinner is $40.

Lucreto1895d ago

Destination Playstation is the Monday after the big reveal. It is a private event for Sony to talk with retailers and gauge interest for retail space in the shop. With the PS4 being announced where will be a lot to talk about and I am sure this question will come up.

KMCROC541895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Aren't they pretty much all but dead as a retail store,so why it matter.

NewZealander1895d ago

I they do block 2nd hand games it could kill the ps4 and the next xbox, I know lots of ppl that trade in their old games so they can buy new release games, if they can't do this then they won't buy games, so how many sales will publishers and devs lose when ppl can't trade in old games to buy their new games my guess is who knows but im sure it would affect huge amount of sales, and because of this I would not be surprised if the next gen fails and ppl move over to gameing on tablets and ipads.

Tetsujin1895d ago

"I know lots of ppl that trade in their old games so they can buy new release games"

I as well as about 90% of other gamers do the exact same thing, and I shake my head at people who have a big collection of games but complain about being "broke" to purchase new games when they can trade in what they don't want anymore (outside keeping certain ones for obvious reasons). I guarantee that's one argument that will help in favor of used games.

rainslacker1894d ago

GameStop has stated that 70% of the games traded in to them are used for the purchase of a new game. I don't know if that number is accurate, but I do know that whenever I am in there on Tuesdays with a big or moderate sized release going on, there is always someone in there trading games to purchase that new release.

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