Ubisoft On Connor’s Future: ‘There’s Always More To Tell’

NowGamer: Assassin's Creed 3's Connor could return with Ubisoft's creative director hinting that 'there's always more to tell'.

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Az1mov1923d ago

give it a rest plz, I mean all of it <Assassin's Creed>

Conzul1922d ago

Yeah, I feel like Reboot it or GTFO.

Cam9771923d ago

I don't care so please no. I used to be a dedicated AC fan by achieving platinum trophies in every AC up to AC:R; however, AC3 changed that, I don't care anymore, the franchise has really become boring. I'll be missing the next one out. Furthermore, who wants to play as Connor again? He was a terrible character!

unchartedxplorer1923d ago

Yeah I don't think he smiled or hit on a woman for the entire game.

Conzul1922d ago

Since even *I* see no sarcasm in your statement, bubs down for immaturity.

unchartedxplorer1923d ago

Another AC in america? I thought that the ones that were set in Europe were much better. The cities were better for platforming since the paths were windy. But in ac3 there was no point in platforming. you could literally just run to the objective. Plus I didn't like Connor really. He acted butthurt for the entire game and was nowhere near as classy as Ezio or Altair. I hope that the next one is set in Europe

ApolloTheBoss1923d ago

Please stop milking it, Ubisoft. I'm exhausted of Assassin's Creed at the moment.

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The story is too old to be commented.