Five Things the PlayStation 4 Needs

MouseEatsCat writes:

"A console needs a lot of stuff to succeed. Some minor, some major. Here are five things that the PlayStation 4 needs in order to succeed in a market that’s only getting more competitive."

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MIG_Saurus1894d ago

Yeah, if Sony leaves out any of these things, it would probably have a devastating impact on their position in the industry. Good article.

vflhp1894d ago

Here's hoping they listen now ...

SavageKuma1894d ago

Here is my problem with people asking for "Used Games" because from my experience people complain about them more than wanting them because half the time they are screwed up and folks expect them to look as if they are new with case and book included.

I agree about the controller, honestly keep the controller as it is, I want to know how this system will be better than Ps3, because I still feel it is too soon for a new system.

Great post.

vflhp1894d ago

I don't buy used very often but when I do, I expect the price to reflect the condition. So if I buy cheap I expect the quality to be lower. People who expect a like new game for $5 are dreaming, though.

platformmaster9181894d ago

reasonable list. I would also say that it should transfer over PSN titles from PS3

vflhp1894d ago

That'd make a lot of sense!

platformmaster9181893d ago

some PS3 games may be tough to emulate is my only worry, but if I were a betting man I would say they find a way anyway