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The Next Xbox Could Phase Out Physical Hard Drive In Favor Of Cloud Storage

Boston (TheNextXbox) – When the Xbox 360 released, it was launched in two forms, one with a 20GB hard drive, and another without the added storage. The next Xbox may not even require a huge hard drive if Microsoft continues the push to the cloud. Playing Xbox Live Arcade games in the cloud may be the best route to take.

The next Xbox is likely going to make a big push to adopt cloud gaming across all of its platforms. What this could mean is the end of saving games, even game purchases, your physical hard drive. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

dangert12  +   593d ago
And why would anyone want that?
morkendo23  +   593d ago
if this rumor is true that could mean make it or break it for MS and recent generation of gamers ends with beginning of digital content generation. no one in there right mind want digital content only. something you cant physically own is not worth buying.
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Flavor  +   593d ago
"something you cant physically own is not worth buying."

What a thoughtless statement. Do people physically own all those billions of songs on their iphones?

Do the millions of steam users physically own any of their games?

Do people physically own their facebook pages which they slave over endlessly? Or their reddit accounts?

Let's see how much people value physical discs when the digital copies undercut them by 50% or more. Let's see , shall we? Or are industry experts, Apple, Valve, and MS's entire strategic planning division just fools?
jmc8888  +   593d ago
@flavor, wow simply wow.

At least the media is on YOUR storage device.

Mp3's are actually much like how your stuff is saved on your own hard drive, not cloud.

Look cloud is good for BACKUP purposes, like what Steam does. But if it's solely cloud, wow, simply wow. What a bonehead call.

Also...you actually really think they'll cut prices by 50 percent or more by getting rid of the disc? Sure, I'll believe that when the U.S. Gov't passes Glass-Steagall and actually prosecutes Wall Street fraud. Actually still I wouldn't.

Actually Facebook owns your details and sell you down the river to any company or gov't agency that wants it. Facebook is one foolish thing to put all your info on. It's also a fad and worthless company. Myspace anyone?

No, your interpretation is foolish. You have your saves on your own HD AND have backup with Valve. Your games are on your hd. Steam's games aren't cloud games.

They were saying, and see if you can tell the difference, that your saves wouldn't be on your hd, but on THEIR cloud system. (and not just saves, but digital games like live arcade or your dlc..which means just like in some cases you wouldn't be able to access your saves to the last couple of levels you would be open to some of your games not being able to be accessed at all, or the DLC packs to some of your favorite FPS)

So just when you're about to start up the game and play the last level or two, you can't access your cloud files...doh.
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darthv72  +   592d ago
calm down....
remember, the emphasis is on the word "could". that isnt an automatic guarantee.

Plus it was referring to "hard drive" not the physical games themselves. So in essence you would still be able to buy your physical games and be able to have your saves in cloud storage.

As far as dlc, yeah that "could" be in cloud or you "could" use your own external storage (flash drive).

I dont see an issue with them going that route provided the games themselves are on a format that is sufficient for the developers to stop bitching about. Meaning they are using 25-50gb+ media.

Lets just wait and see what is officially revealed with BOTH sony and MS.
CalvinKlein  +   592d ago
This will never happen. sorry, it honestly doesnt even make sense. Are we to stream every game we buy digitally from them. Id imagine it would cost them too much and wouldnt be as good as what we have now. This is stupid and if this happened it would be a day 1 FAILURE.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   593d ago
Aweh just keep your pants on until Microsoft unveils the 720 and stop these rumours.
onyoursistersback  +   593d ago
Hope this rumor is not true!!
That will almost mean you will need to be an active live member, if not... You can forget of playing you single players games too.
Rainstorm81  +   593d ago
^^^^this is the exact problem with this entire idea, even worse people will probably wear it as a badge of honor the fact they need to have Live to play SP games.....kinda like they do now with XBL
miyamoto  +   593d ago
by all means do it M$
cgoodno  +   593d ago
Won't happen.

1. Broadband connections aren't used by all 360 owners as it is.

2. Internet caps exist.

3. Brick & Mortar retailers are the best way to sell games and hardware. Moving to a digital focus will mean they will start reducing shelf space and ad placement for their products. Imagine the whole Xbox section ends up being a display model at the end of an aisle, no game aisle or room for accessories.
JBSleek  +   593d ago
Great point but this broadband excuse is getting old. In all sectors. Why do we stop innovation or progress just because everyone doesn't have fast internet.

It could take decades to ensure everyone has super fast internet.

Technology shouldn't wait till everyone has something.

I agree with your point they wont and shouldn't do this but doesn't mean we should stop progress because some cant take advantage of it.
Rainstorm81  +   593d ago
In this instance it would greatly decrease the XBox target audience.....just look at how many 360 have been sold and how many active gold accounts there are.

I agree we shouldn't stop progress but something like this should be an option at best
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cgoodno  +   593d ago
***Great point but this broadband excuse is getting old. In all sectors. Why do we stop innovation or progress just because everyone doesn't have fast internet. ***

Because you design based on the lowest common denominator. You do that so as to ensure the largest possible audience.

Cloud could be an alternative option, but you'd have to ensure that enough people would use it. The problem is, why would people use that over what we have now where they can trade in their games and buy at discounted prices after 3 months that put digital offerings to shame (Steam and those not tied directly to producers not withstanding).

***Technology shouldn't wait till everyone has something.***

When it comes to a mass market product, yeah, it actually should. If they do this, you can guarantee it will cost more than what we currently pay for our games and hardware because their market will be much smaller and they will have an expectation on making more money in the future than they did this generation.
jmc8888  +   593d ago
Not every 'invention' is progress. Was the nuclear bomb progress? Were derivatives? Were photo radar? Were drones?

Everyone should realize technology can be good or bad, used correctly, or misused.

The cloud has a purpose, though it's not what is being pushed. Right now valve has it right, your game saves are backed up via their cloud.

Meanwhile if they want to cut out a hd to utilize the cloud, that's actually a step back. Now you'll have to worry about outages when you want to play games. It would mean you have to be connected or you can't save.

Actually progress is something we don't even strive for anymore, it's sad. But that's what happens when Wall Street banks and hedge funds rule the world (i.e. all 'advanced economy' gov'ts.
mandf  +   593d ago
Bad Idea! I want access 24/7 to my stuff I paid money for. How many years before they shut down those servers? It's to risky to lose all the money and games.
Stefanrules7  +   593d ago
Microsoft are trying so hard to commit suicide. But these are just rumours. For now
mandf  +   593d ago
Not that I believe any of the rumors, but MS is always trying to wring more money for less out of its customers.
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Urusernamesucks  +   592d ago
"Microsoft are trying so hard to commit suicide. But these are just rumours. For now "

guess that day will never come.


they are

Zodiac  +   593d ago

This is just the US where Xbox sells the best. This isn't even counting the people with broadband who don't care about gaming.

I don't think Cloud gaming should even happen.
Tyre  +   593d ago
The person who made up this article clearly doesn't know why cloud cannot replace local HDDs....read/write speeds. U will need a local HDD installs for games. 4k? u need it even more, This getting ridiculous, knock it off with the dumb suggestions and what if articles. And streaming games only will never happen physics doesn't allow it, Nintendo & Valve agree that u will always have latency (no matter how fast ur connection is, games need precision & exact timing), time to stop the myth of cloud gaming.
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Tzunoy  +   593d ago
no no no, i don't want that.
a_adji  +   593d ago
MS want that because in the current system you can only do it if your a Gold service.

it's them forcing you.

You can't even browse the web unless your gold.
Jek_Porkins  +   593d ago
Wonder when the rumors will end? It wouldn't make sense to start a generation with physical media and then stop that way of distribution. I don't believe the overall speed and caps on peoples internet right now would allow this. I have a 150 gig a month limit, which I actually already almost hit on a monthly basis because of Netflix and Hulu ect...

I doubt companies that are very fond of making money would limit themselves or send people running to the competition.
Mikeyy  +   593d ago
Stingy with the HDD last, gen, continue the same mistakes next gen. Classy Microsoft...

Gonna force people to use USB sticks to use there DLC again?
nevin1  +   593d ago
You will need xbox live to access it.
Fat Onion  +   593d ago
IcicleTrepan  +   593d ago
this is so ridiculous. There's no way in hell this is true. I wish I could get paid to make up bullshit like this idiot.
Captain Qwark 9  +   593d ago
im going to debunk these 720 rumors right now.......

1. it will not be called the 720

2. it will play used games

3. it will not need an always online connection

4. it will be more powerful than the wii u

5. it will have an HDD

6. xbox live will continue to be a paying service

7. its unlikely to come to japan and if it does, it will do poorly

8. it will run some sort of metro interface

now everyone wonders how i know this???? can i tell the future???? am i part of ms?????

noooooooooooooooooooooooooone of the above. its just all common flipping sense except 7, took a shot in the dark there since both xbox's have done terrible and i believe most shops in japan dont even sell the 360 anymore. as for #8 i can only assume they are trying for a unified interface betweent he pcs, phones, and console. the other 6 are pretty much a guarantee because not doing any one of those will be suicide for the brand and while ms may make some odd choices here and there and nobody wants to admit it, they are not run by retards they are ran by people who know how and want to make money. doing 1-6 will not make you money
Master of Unlocking  +   592d ago
If it's true then I can see where this is going... people won't buy a system without any physical games, that Xbox will be the most spectacular failure of the industry, and It will be MS's exit out of the gaming business.
steve30x  +   592d ago
I dont trust cloud storage, It could easily be hacked and your content then get stolen. No thanks.
Urusernamesucks  +   592d ago
"The next Xbox may not even require a huge hard drive if Microsoft continues the push to the cloud. Playing Xbox Live Arcade games in the cloud may be the best route to take."

Just because they are pushing something else, doesnt mean they have abandoned another.

Hopefuly they are expanding both cloud and Hardrive size.
level 360  +   592d ago
I don't think so.

Firstly not all countries have the same internet infrastructures.

There is also internet traffic peaks/off peaks and automatic updates to deal with which could slow gaming.

Hard Drives are still the easiest and cheapest way plus still keeping Cloud storage the best way.

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