PlayStation 3 Misses Out Yet Again

Eskimo Press: One of the cons of being a PlayStation 3 is sometimes you get no love from the smaller independant studios. It's not because they don't love the PlayStation 3, but rather they just don't have the time or resources to port their titles over to the PlayStation 3.

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FiLTHY ESKiMO1920d ago

The previews of this game sound great.

Eurogamer – “Vampires Done Right”
“(DARK)…looks to bring about one of the most innovative approaches to stealth around. Part Deus Ex, part Splinter Cell, and part Vampire: The Masquerade, Dark’s unique mechanics look far too enticing to stay buried in the shadows.”

OllieBoy1920d ago

I'm guessing your wrote this? Nice Xbox avatar...

Tdmd1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

He did not wrote that. You may read it for yourself.

Fanboys... I only have a ps3, I love it and I have no desire whatsoever to get a 360 or a Wii. Never did trough this whole generation. But that doesn't mean I can't admit when something is interesting just because is not on the ps3. The guy got 20 disagrees and was called a liar just for quoting a website that complimented a game that is not coming to the ps3. Jesus! Really?! Grow up, people!

Edit: although, that WAS a flamebait article. Urgh. I give up. I guess the most reasonable thing to do is let fanboys poke each other and be happy with their war.

Blastoise1920d ago

With God of war ascension, Beyond two souls, The last of us, Rain, Until dawn & puppeteer coming, I dont feel like Playstation owners are the ones missing out

TemplarDante1920d ago

Wow, seeming as Next Gen is 2/20 and the PS4 will be the easiest to code for, lets see the Sony haters and devs eat their shoe when small indie devs go with PS4.

Gaming1011919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

If its a big seller on 360, it will more than likely end up on PS3 later anyway as it did with Braid, Limbo etc. So who cares if PS3 owners don't get it right away. With God of War right around the corner they won't notice - they'll be too busy playing a 10 times more better game.

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aceitman1920d ago

is this a hd remake of a xbox game or is this something new. if its new its not that great animation is bad and the graphics don't look impressive. hell my 360 is going to miss out on this skip it.

Ares84HU1920d ago


You are joking right??? It looks like crap.

GribbleGrunger1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

I'm devastated. I honestly thought this was a next gen game. To think that this is running on a 360/PC. Can you imagine what they'll be able to do with the PS4 and the 720?! Perhaps we'll get a port at a later date ... Jesus, I'm going to struggle to enjoy GOWA and TLOU when I know this gem is on another console.

kevnb1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

i like telling people they are wrong on the internet

HarryMasonHerpderp1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Seriously how does this garbage get approved?
It's pure flamebait to get some hits on his random website.
"PS3 misses out yet again"
wut? come on really?

juandren1920d ago

@Dmd: You are referring to disagrees like it is a personal attack of some kind? Don't know if you understand the concept of antonyms, but disagree is the antonym (opposite in meaning) of agree. Thus, it will not take a genius to conclude that - based on his post - those disagreeing just don't share his opinion of the game? Little chip on your shoulder?

omi25p1920d ago

Dont be positive about the 360.

Its a terrible console with nothing good on it, How can you be so blind when people on this site are so vocal about how bad it is.

Clearly they are right and everyone who prefers the 360 or even owns a 360 is just a blind moron who enjoys throwing there money at a lost cause.

juandren1919d ago

The stupidity in this user is too damn high

AngelicIceDiamond1919d ago

It does sound interesting I never played as a vampire in a game (besides blade). This one does look interesting.

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Sako1920d ago

I love ambitious independent games. Let's hope this doesn't end up sucking like I Am Alive did

Sako1920d ago

Or maybe it should literally suck, being a vampire game :P

knifefight1920d ago

I like finding someone who can correctly use the word "literally."

Thank you for this.

stage881920d ago

Looks poor, no loss to me, still got plenty of great games to play.

andibandit1920d ago

Yeah that uncharted Card game and wonderbook, got you covered till 2020

stage881920d ago

PS4 is getting announced on the 20th and we've still got great exclusives like the Last of Us and Beyond to get through first.

I came across a list of exclusives and upcoming games for the 360 though. Take your pick.

Aceman181919d ago


i hahahahahaha at that picture.

Minato-Namikaze1920d ago

Problem is by skipping the ps3 they are skipping the meat of the people who would buy those quirky and unique titles.

E2S1920d ago

Exactly. How well do you think something like Journey, Flower, or even Heavy Rain would've sold on 360?

Blackdeath_6631920d ago

good point, i don't think that many of the great ps3 exclusives would have sold at all on in the xbox all my friends who use xbox seem only interested in shooters and i doubt any of them would even bother trying out a critically acclaimed game like ni no kuni for example or journey which has won multiple awards. i can understand if they tried and didn't like it but most completely ignore and look down upon all these great games if anything they are the ones missing out big big time

AngelicIceDiamond1919d ago

Trials evolution, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Dust an Elysian tale, Minecraft, Mark Of The Ninja and Dead Light all were critically acclaimed and sold great.

State Of Decay looks to be the most anticipated XBL game so far.

Journey is great title but that seems to be the only PSN title worth mentioning. That's literally the only PSN title that's big is Journey. I don't hear any other PSN titles beyond that.

If Xbox people bought Alan Wake and sold over a million copies. Tell me how would Heavy rain do on Xbox realistically?

trouble_bubble1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )


So you've never heard of any PSN titles besides Journey, yet you 'hear about' meh 360 titles like Deadlight with its 68% metacritic average and consider that a "critical success"? PSN's DeadNation and its significantly higher 77% avg say hi.

You namedrop the standalone Alan Wake: American Nightmare which had a 76% avg, while conveniently forgetting that PSN exclusive inFamous: Festival of Blood scored HIGHER at 78%. Never heard of inFamous? Dude, c'mon now. Last year's PSN exclusive Unfinished Swan did better than Wake as well at 79%.

You mention Minecraft at 82%. Why? PSN had exclusive Dyad at 82% last year as well.

You mention last year's Dust: An Elysian Tale at 83%, yet PSN had Sound Shapes at 84%, a higher score again.

Okami HD at 90%, WipEout at 87%, Flower at 87%, CritterCrunch at 87%, PixelJunk Shooter at 87%, Shatter at 86%. If you had a PS3 you'd know PSN has many critical successes, and they aren't on PC either like Mark of the Ninja.

As far as how Heavy Rain would do on 360, well, there -are- different audiences, and Alan Wake is a shooter at heart. How did other non-shooters like Dead Souls do when they came over to 360? Demon's Souls sold almost 2 million on PS3, Dead Souls is at around 1.42 million according to vgchartz estimates. On the 360, Dead Souls only sold 600,000, less than half.

rainslacker1919d ago

Well it is releasing on Steam, and people do buy quirky titles on there as well. Since I own a PC and a PS3, but not an Xbox, I guess I won't miss out.

However, there is an edit to the article with sources saying it is coming to PS3, although it doesn't have a confirmed announcement or release date, so who knows.

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