SEGA Returning to Hardware... With SEGA Console Inspired Netbook Computers

Misleading title ahoy! Netbook computer based on old SEGA consoles set to be released in Japan.

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Dylila2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

ive only owned and played a sega dreamcast in the sega family but i thought it was wicked and revolutionary. id love it if nintendo stopped making consoles so sega could start making gaming consoles again

Toadsanime2133d ago

Unfortunately, even if Nintendo dropped out of the console market it probably wouldn't leave a wide enough hole for SEGA to risk filling again.

TheBardsSong2132d ago

Nintendo isn't what's stopping SEGA from re-entering the market...

StraightPath2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

Or sony or microsoft should drop out so sega can make consoles again? /s

Oh_Yeah2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

I kind of look at Microsoft as the new Sega..I mean Microsoft did help with the dreamcast it was ran by drirectx and Windows ce. Also some of the dreamcast team came over to Microsoft and helped design the xbox360 and market it, hence the similar look and swirl logo. It's like Sega passed their torch to them.

chadboban2132d ago

I love my dreamcast, still works to this very day as a matter of fact. But I love my Nintendo systems as well. Hope that doesn't bother you.

SockeyBoy2132d ago

I agree with you but I wish Sony would drop out. No no not drop out, I just wish Sega would just come back into the console market.

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Klonoa_Dream_Travel2133d ago

too bad its only in japan i want one. specifically the dreamcast skinned laptop. i always dream and hope that sega would make a console again someday. been a sega fan since the genesis days.

guitarded772132d ago

But even the article says they are overpriced for their specs, and don't have any special features besides the skins. Just buy a nice laptop and airbrush it with a SEGA theme. You'll have a better laptop, and you can customize it to look how you want.

NameRemoved00172132d ago

Sager makes the best laptops, they don't look the best but their price/performance is king.

knifefight2133d ago

Oh man, what a tease in the article title.

kwyjibo2132d ago

The top spec laptop is a Intel Core i7-3630QM with a GeForce GT650M and 8Gb RAM.

So more powerful than a PS4.

NastyLeftHook02132d ago

you have no idea how powerful the ps4 oficially is, and that is a fact.

NameRemoved00172132d ago

My expected ps4 specs: 8 core bulldozer @5ghz, mid end graphics card, 8gb ram, 3gb vram, 64gb built in solid state drive, 1080p native, 4k upscaling, hardware capable of playing ps3 games, and built in ps2 and ps1 emulators maybe (please).

tachy0n2132d ago

well if sony wants it to keep it affordable to the public, it wont be that powerful, thats a fact.

Soldierone2132d ago

It also costs over 2k dollars, more than a PS4 will ever cost.

kwyjibo2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

Yeah, but surely you appreciate the irony. The other PS4 advantage is that it's not running Windows 8.

NameRemoved00172132d ago

You could always tell them to not install an OS on it and install windows 7 yourself. Windows 8 is a cancer that needs to die before it spreads.

hiredhelp2132d ago

Theres room if Sega can pull of another dreamcast with next gen in mind.
They first to enter 128bit consoles First and beleave only one to ever think of a virtual memory card,56k modem.
They clearly were well ahead of there time imagin what they could do with dreamcast 2?

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