Showtime: What will Sony reveal at its PlayStation Meeting?

So close to E3 and yet so far, what cards will Sony play on Feb 20 and what will be kept hidden?

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KingofGambling1229d ago

I know it's somewhat odd, but I want the Father of Playstation Ken Kutaragi to make an appearance.

NastyLeftHook01228d ago

it rhymes with claymation galore

TobeyMaguireFan1228d ago SpamShow
DaThreats1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

SONY is going to announce the Xbox 720

LOGICWINS1228d ago

Kaz is like

"Guys..we bought da Kinectz!"


L6RD7BLU31228d ago

I'm going to blow loads on 2/20th LOL

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