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Submitted by Pozzle 1091d ago | opinion piece

In Defense Of That Aliens: Colonial Marines Level Everyone Keeps Making Fun Of

Kotaku: By now, if you've been keeping up with Aliens: Colonial Marines, you've probably come across a certain GIF of an alien waddling through a sewer level. See above. I know, I know. It looks silly, it looks ridiculous.

And I'm here to defend that level. (Aliens: Colonial Marines, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

nolifeking  +   1091d ago
This is why the internet is evil. The biggest piece of excrement will always find its defenders, and said defenders will be defended by some 1st amendment thumping diehard who forgets opinions can be WRONG. Liking crap is fine, just have the presence of mind to recognize its crap.
zerocrossing  +   1091d ago
This is why I think this gen is the worst, we get people defending what is widely regarded as utter crap and some of that crap is allowed to reach critical acclaim i.e. COD... and people wonder why the industry is stagnating.

Well we can all agree with that.
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ACEMANWISE  +   1091d ago
Aliens isn't as bad as COD.
TongkatAli  +   1091d ago
How bout people acting like COD is the birth of Satan ? Are they any better ? People need to chill and let people like what they like.

If someone said i had "bad taste", i would laugh and tell them to F off cause they don't matter in my world.

Yeah, disagree me for not wanting to put people down for what they like.
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zerocrossing  +   1091d ago

I agree with you there, people who constantly bash COD for being a bad game need to chill out.

The fact is COD is what it is and Activision doesn't plan on changing that regardless of how much they're blatantly letting that IP stagnate, the problem occurs when a franchise like COD reaches such high acclaim causing other devs to follow in suit, ultimately leading to copy cats and other devs attempting to implement a similar structure or formula in their own games (i.e. Final Fantasy IIIX) This cookie cuter mentality causes nothing but harm in the long run, leading to a lack of new and innovative IP's which ends up leaving the industry circling the creative sinkhole.
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aliengmr  +   1091d ago
I hate CoD as much as any hater but millions would disagree.

A game that sells like CoD can't be considered bad because you or I hate it.

ACM, on the other hand, is now 6th on the Steam Top Sellers list. Which is pretty bad for a recent release. Most big releases hover at the top for the first week.

There are bad games (ACM) and games you hate (CoD).

When it comes to defending crap, I think of ME3. The willingness to overlook failures was never more clear than that.
ACEMANWISE  +   1091d ago
To All Above
Call of Duty isn't necessarily what people hate. I think it's more about how much it effects everything else in the industry.

Call of Duty is a popular game and it makes alot of money. It's also fast paced and fun. The problem I see is the justification by the industry in it's belief that games don't need to be expensive or of high quality to sell alot. They just need to be popular.

Just because COD didn't make it on a huge budget, pushed hardware, or lightly improved sequels, doesn't mean the rest of the industry should standardize the business formula for most games (whether a clone or not).

Furthermore, most gamers hate the COD phenomenon because it dominates way too much of a gamers life. At least 40% of a friends list is shot down the moment COD is released. It monopolizes way too much of the social community.

It also causes every game surrounding it's release date to get pushed back as the developers of other anticipated titles stand clear of COD.

The industry doesn't understand that COD isn't the type of franchise that should be copied.
BanBrother  +   1091d ago
Lol you said 'excrement' and used 'crap' two times. Quite funny given the 'sewer level' is the focus of the article.
theenglishman  +   1091d ago
Um, this is coming from someone who otherwise gave the game a SCATHING review, yet is defending one itty bitty section of it that everyone else seems to laugh about. Sorry for the dangling participle by the way >_<
ACEMANWISE  +   1091d ago
I just played the game last night. Despite the game not living up to the demo I still find the game highly enjoyable.

The lighting effects aren't as good as the demo but I found that adjusting the game brightness properly made the atmosphere look good. Also I didn't use the flashlight much.

Overall I think this game is getting worse scores than deserved. It's not the greatest but I've seen terrible games score better. I just think the scores measure more the disappointment of them not delivering what was expected instead of scoring it for what it is.

I was disappointed myself looking at the reviews and videos. Yet playing it still held my interest and is fun. Worth a rental at the very least. Thanks.
Fishermenofwar  +   1091d ago
ACE!!! Whats up man

fishermanofwar here..You're on my friends list

I'm getting the game today...Online this weekend??
ACEMANWISE  +   1091d ago
Absolutely! I'm on the 3rd mission so let's play the first 2 missions. ok?
OldeGamer   1091d ago | Spam
FaSCoRP  +   1091d ago
She took the time to say a single positive thing for the game, instead of using it to play a fun or good game :)
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Klonoa_Dream_Travel  +   1091d ago
what the fuck? that level is called the raven that was the level i had most fun on.

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