New PlayStation 3 Bundle Launches

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has launched a brand new PlayStation 3 hardware bundle in the UK, featuring the newly release Azurite Blue edition of the ‘super slim’ chassis. Available from today, this new bundle is aimed at those core gamers still yet to adopt a current-generation system.

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Bathyj1926d ago

"core gamers still yet to adopt a current-generation system"

Is there such a thing?
Seriously, what would you be waiting for, for this gen to become last gen so you can brag how youre into retro consoles?

rezzah1926d ago

I'm sure there are "core gamers" out there who probably couldn't get their hands on a current gen console for various reasons.

Similar situation with the PS2. Even after the PS3 released I've seen people who bought the PS2 for the first time in their life.

solidt121926d ago

lol. I just bought a PS2 for the first time in Dec 2012, but I got ps3 day 1. My original back compatible ps3 doesn't work anymore and I wanted to play God of War 2.

MartinB1051926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

As a core gamer, I ditched gaming early during the in 2001 for the duration of my college and university years - partly to rid myself of distraction and partly because I actually became more interested in my studies and other things.

I didn't buy my next gaming system until 2007, and the console I bought was a PS2. This would be like a core gamer buying a PS3 today.

In case you doubt my status as a core gamer, I currently own a PS2, PS3, Vita, DS, Wii, Wii-U and a gaming-grade PC.

I have no doubt that my case is an exception to the norm, but I am living proof that these people do exist, even if they are a minority.

nukeitall1926d ago

I was in a similar situation as you back in 2000. The only difference was I mostly played PC games.

Around 2007, I splurged and bought an Xbox 360 and been rocking it since with PS3, Wii and a Nintendo DS.

I haven't really looked back at PC gaming, except for RTS game slike StarCraft.

So there are some "core" gamers that haven't bought consoles, but they are probably such a small market that they don't even register as an error in the monthly sales.

MartinB1051926d ago

@nukeitall I have been running Linux on my PC since around 2000, so PC gaming wasn't really much of an option for me. :)

Chris5581926d ago

Solid y you no buy gow hd collection for ps3

ArmGunar1926d ago

PS3 super slim is nicer in blue than in black ^^
(and the white is nicer than the blue)

sdozzo1926d ago

Ha I've had a PS3 for four years.