VGLeaks: Orbis Dualshock layout

Destructoid have dropped the bomb. They have closed the rumors with the first picture for the Orbis’s gamepad. That’s not going to be the final look, it’s a prototype. We would like to add further information about this pad:

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BitbyDeath1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

So the buttons on either side of the touchpad are meant to be 'options' and 'share'?

DivineAssault 1983d ago

Hopefully the final build is much sleeker because this looks bulky & hideous.. Im sure sony got some nice prototypes ready for the 20th tho

yewles11983d ago

The touch pad is clickable? Hmm...

PR_FROM_OHIO1983d ago

I actually like this controller!

BattleReach1983d ago

Well at least it looks better thant the Wii U GamePad.