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Fuse is a shooting game in the third person placing great emphasis on cooperation, as being four playable, whether campaign or multiplayer modes traditionally. It has four characters to share with three friends. Each of these men has its own abilities and weapons of choice. One can create a shield large enough for him and his comrades, while another may become invisible and bypass the enemy unmolested. In short, everything was done for the different characters are complementary, which frankly is a good thing. If the game grows enough to play as a team, the gameplay could be very interesting.

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VenomCarnage1955d ago

this game looks impressive. reminds me of Remember me

Kalowest1953d ago

What? This doesn't look anything like Remember Me.

tyrone241955d ago

reminds me of mirror's edge!

Eldyraen1954d ago

Reminds me of Brute Force... but with Insomniac flare.

jakmckratos1954d ago

WOuld like to see some gameplay Insomniac. Im not gonna lie..this looks kinda like a generic shooter and Ive come to know and love every single one of your series beforehand because of their novelty and awesome gameplay> Id like you to prove me wrong.

r211953d ago

Reminds me of that colorful TF2esque game :P