What Nintendo can do to improve Wii U sales in America

Wii U sales in North America aren't so hot right now and Gimme Gimme Games has a suggestions for how Nintendo might turn it around like new hardware bundles, dropping the Deluxe SKU to $299, and more.

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NastyLeftHook01923d ago

metroid, starfox, zelda, make more nintendo resident evil exclusives (like the gamecube had)

animegamingnerd1923d ago

you the price is already good enough it just needs more games

BullyMangler1923d ago

seriously, so nintendo needs advice on how to run their business ??

DivineAssault 1923d ago

More T-M rated games.. Maybe some added features too..

animegamingnerd1923d ago

why more T and M rated games cause the ESRB has nothing to do with quality of a game

RTheRebel1923d ago

Guns And Blood Huh?
So 13 year olds think we are cool for playing T-M rIgHT??

DivineAssault 1923d ago

Did i say blood & guns?? FE is T rated... Zelda is T rated.. I cant think of any 1st party M rated games but it wouldnt hurt to have some real violence sometimes.. I bet it would increase sales if anything

paul19741923d ago

Your people in the USA already get it dirt cheap! its worth every penny/dime!! and will only get better! ask yourself how much do apple fan boys pay every year a new phone/ipad comes out?? $600!!!

Here in the UK we pay about $150 more then you, once the better games come out it should sell! saying that COD black ops, Trine 2, Zombie U, zen 2 are all excellent games and some are FREE or nearly FREE! off TV play is mind blowing as a parent!!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Pay Usher to Dance during This Year's E3!

Usher could make-up a NEW Zelda Dance.

Wait- I just got a better idea...

They could show-off New Zelda During E3, Start partnerships with other companies to make games, create a new 3D Mario, and Show-off New Games during E3 this year...

Wait, aren't they already doing that?

- Well, I guess I have nothing to say but, "Usher."

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