If Square Enix Does Another Final Fantasy IV Remake…

Final Fantasy IV might be the most ported Final Fantasy game. Cecil is on everything from Super Famicom to your iPhone. We asked the Square Enix mobile team about the challenges when you bring a DS game to iOS.

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Capt-FuzzyPants1925d ago

It's a great game, but so is FF5 and 6, and 7, and the rest. So They should remake 5 and 6 like they did with 4 on the DS. I would definitely get them.

zeal0us1925d ago

They should do the remake after they are finish with FF14:RR, Versus13 and KH3.

Capt-FuzzyPants1925d ago

Or they could just have a different team work on it. The team on FF14 ARR will keep working on improving the game after release, and Nomura's team is working on Versus then KH3. And then they have a team working on new main FF games. They still have enough manpower to do remakes for these.

Blastoise1925d ago

Final fantasy V & VI remake Duel Pack for Vita & 3DS. I'd buy that

jc485731925d ago

it's time those got a remake, especially 6 because all that game ever got were cutscenes.

Chrono1925d ago

I think no need to remake it again. As much as I like it, the other games like FF 5 and 6 need some of that treatment.

Kamikaze1351925d ago

Remake V and VI already. Those are the only FF games I've ever wanted a remake of >_>

DEATHxTHExKIDx1925d ago

Put FFV and FFVI on 3DS. Especially FFVI thats my favorite in the series.

TongkatAli1925d ago

I hope it's mulitiplatform or the Vita gets V and the 3DS gets VI.

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