Final Fantasy VIII: Why All the Hate?

Have you ever loved a game that maybe the majority of people either thought was over rated or just plain horrible?

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Ranma11894d ago

FF had high standards and FF8 didnt really have the best battle system, and people hated on it.

Then FFX-2 came out and it made FF8 look amazing.

Then FF13 came out and made FFX-2 look like a masterpiece, the standards keep going down.

So you can imagine how good FF8 is considered compared to newer FF's.

wishingW3L1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

that's true. FF8 has the most broken battle system in the entire series. It's so broken you can make the characters powerful enough to beat the game in just the first few hours at the beginning of the game. The last time I played the game I beat almost every boss in 1 turn. XD

Here's a video of Spoony Experiment discussing everything what is wrong with FF8 on 11 parts:

The conclusion is that FF13 is way worse though.

KyRo1894d ago

FF8 was the only FF I've ever finished. I would of completed 7 but the amount of times my file got corrupt back on the PSone made me give up.

Shadow Flare1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Try FF7 again, it's worth it. I'm playing it through again at the moment, simply timeless

And I've always rated FF8 as one of the best final fantasys out there. I think the character development of Squall is greats, some of the other characters are really interesting and there's so many really cool scenes in the game. Back in the ps1 days, I got so excited when a cut scene started, and FF8 had some really amazing ones.

FF8 also has some of the best videogame music ever written. The battle music is IMO the best of all FF games, fisherman's horizon, blue fields, the boss music, balamb garden, totally incredible tunes.

Games are like food, what some people enjoy, others won't. And there's little point debating what's better but I've always loved FF8, and it's a gameplay experience that ill never forget.

Pintheshadows1894d ago

Have you played 9. That's really good as well. I played 7, 8 and 9 about a year ago back to back. I still enjoyed them all. 9 is my favourite though.

Godmars2901894d ago

I actually have to same issue with FF9. Get 2/3 done then - bam! - either something in RL gets in the way or the file gets corrupted.

Its a regular curse.

Shadow Flare1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I got to the final boss in FFX, and my brother saved over my file.

That wasn't my only tragic moment in FFX. To get the Venus Sigil or something you have to go to the thunder plains and dodge 100 lightning strikes. When the screen flashes white, you press square and then dodge it. Dodging 100 took in the region of 30-40 minutes. And my eyes were getting really heavy because it was really repetitive. And bam! I got hit by lightning, cos I'd lost concentration. My face was the look of utter despair, I was counting how many I did so far and it was something around 100. I wasn't sure. So I went to the book in the shop which tells you how many I did. I dodged 99 strikes. 99. I think that ranks as one of the most frustrating gaming experiences I've ever had. But I got the 100 the next day. All in vain of course cos my save file got overwritten just before completing the game

Final_Aeon1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

200 lightning strike dodges for venus sigil. Done it at least 5 times (4 for "perfect" files of my own - beating Penance & maxing stats - and 1 for a friend). Easier if you mute the sound IMO.

Sun sigil (chocobo race) and Saturn Sigil (butterfly hunt), now those could get annoying.

Shadow Flare1894d ago

Was it 200? Geez then it must have been 199 strikes I dodged, that makes it even worse. I know I was just one off.

I had no problem with the chocobo one actually. I seem to remember the butterfly one being a pain in the ass but did that one too. It was just that lightning one. It's gotta be the most boring thing I've ever done in a game. Great game though FFX, really like that one

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Darth Gamer1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

No hate from me. I personally liked it the best out of the PS1 Trilogy.

If I was to rank them from 7 on, (and this is just my opinion) it woulds go something like this;

FF 10 tied with FF Tactics
FF 8
FF 7
FF 12
FF 9
FF 10-2
FF 13
FF 13-2

Like I said, only my opinion. Many will disagree and that's fine too.

user39158001894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

FF8 Its the best final fantasy of them all. FF7 was really good, but can not compare with the detail/emphasis,story/boss fights/fluent freedom of ff8, there was so much to do, and the story development was amazing. This is the best RPG i have ever played, and I played 100s of rpg. The only rpg I had the desire to unlock everything on it, cause the draw system, GF, enemies, fluent mapping and looks, were not achievd in any lentgh by any other RPG. FF8, onced you finish disk one just keeps on growing on you. FF8 on PS1 was not a master piece, it isplain and simple the epitome of all RPG to be measured by. There is a ton of rpg and none gave me the satisfaction to finish more than this one. Finish the game 4 different times, just cause I did not wanted the game to ever end... FF8 you are thye greatest RPG I have ever played and yes, I have finished every squaresoft/enix rpg ever made. Althought, the last rpg from square was the last rpg I will play from them, cause they lost the sanity of rpgs soul bound, now we have pure garbage coming from them, sold their soul for money, instead of continuing the great emphasis of quality story lines and playability, for a quick buck. Squareenix its garbage now, ever since the father of rpg was let go, all their products has become lost in a stale of excess manure.

Linsolv1894d ago

I think you forgot to play FF6. Or FF3 on the SNES in the US.

Root1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Exactly FF8 for me was amazing and in my opinion it was a better FF game then FF7

People only hated on it because the new fans FF7 brought in thought the next FF game was going to be a sequel to FF7 but instead we got a new world, new story, characters etc which happens in every new FF game but obviously they didn't get the memo.

For me it had better music, better characters, graphics, world, missions, story

I mean there were a few things here a there but no FF game is perfect.

I loved Squalls character development though, from a lonely selfish anti social jerk to a brave heroic leader with a ton of friends and the love of his life. You saw his character change in each disc more and more.

People nitpicked it to death it my opinion

They called the draw system yet you never had to use it. I never and had a ton of good magic at the end of the game. Thank You Island Heaven and Hell

Then they said the Junction system was complicated yet in the next breathe say how it's easy to get your character to 9999 health. So what is it easy or complicated, two statements contradicting each other

I could go on

Hicken1894d ago

That's pretty much it. VIII got hate because it wasn't VII.

It's my personal favorite; though one game or another may have it beat in a single aspect, none of them that I've played all the way through (VII-XIII) are better all-around.

It's strange: I can have my favorite without hating on the others, but it seems like most people can't help but hate on VIII, out of all of them.

Oh, well. Screw em. I'm gonna play some more now.

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Pintheshadows1894d ago

I don't hate FF8. I thought it was fantastic apart from the bit in the sewer.

DigitalSmoke1894d ago

Its also getting more liniar by the minute.

DigitalSmoke1894d ago


Spend my entire last bubble to correct this for you ;)

KwietStorm1894d ago

Thank you, sir. That makes me feel warm inside.

1894d ago
DEATHxTHExKIDx1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I dont rlly hate any Final fantasy game but, I have a strong dislike for XII. FFVIII I didnt like the whole Rinoa/Squall romance. ALso how u could break the battle system thru card mod pretty early in the game. I felt no challenge playing the game. It was still a pretty kool game tho.

Root1894d ago

The thing is though about that is by the time you actually figure out how to make it easy for yourself the VERY FIRST TIME you play it your half way through the game. It's only in your second/third playthrough or if a friends shows you long after it came out you would do it straight away.

I mean there was no going on the internet back then, we had to rely on monthly magazines.

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