Publisher Fantasy Draft: If Franchises Changed Hands

TheKoalition writes:
The THQ auction not only had the gaming world talking, but it also had us here at The Koalition getting very creative. We started questioning whether or not the different franchises were a good fit at their new homes. Ultimately, we began to think about franchises and companies outside of THQ. What games would do better on another platform? What games should or shouldn’t be exclusive? Which publishers would do a better job on certain franchises? It was almost like we were doing a fantasy draft of the whole gaming industry in general.

We played this game below by naming a few franchises and developers and giving a brief explanation on why we feel they would perform better with another publisher or platform.

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rbailey1923d ago

Some interesting choices here. Does anyone else have any picks?

ElectroJade1923d ago

Cool discussion topic. I feel like Microsoft and Sony could enhance the Zelda series to more realism - but it'll never happen ever.EVER. Oh well.

kirbyu1923d ago

Above: Not a true Zelda fan.

SwiffEpics1923d ago

Mass Effect to Bethesda please

rbailey1923d ago

As long as EA has Bioware, consider Mass Effect and every other sequel that comes from that series dead on arrival.

kirbyu1923d ago

Nintendo NEEDS to buy back Rare.