Top 10 Final Fantasy Girls

BLAG writes: I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan for many years now, and, despite the less-than-stellar entries in the last 10 years or so, the series remains dear to me. Games like Final Fantasy VI, VII and Tactics are among the best I’ve ever played, and not even Square’s recent problems can take away from their greatness. It is undoubted that Final Fantasy has plenty of awesome characters, but it’s usually the male ones that get all the attention, with some small exceptions. In this list, I have decided to give some credit to the great female characters in the series. Admittedly, there aren’t as many of them, but they still add a great amount of quality to their games. One of them is even my favourite video game character of all time, and you’ll see her on top of this list.

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SugarSoSweet1955d ago

These top 10 girls in gaming are only for dorky virgins who can't get laid stop that shit already

Pozzle1955d ago

Except this list is about the characters themselves, and has nothing to do with sexiness or wanting to get laid by good job not even bothering to read the description, let alone the article.

KillrateOmega1955d ago

The article has nothing to do with sex appeal, dumbass.

The linked articles are there for a reason. To be read :P

Rai1955d ago

if you don't like these lists don't click on it, if you don't like it and still click on it wouldn't that mean you have nothing better to do with your time and therefore be a virgin yourself?

Hicken1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Way to fail.

Edit: Be it attractiveness or anything else, Rikku is my number one. There's nothing I love more than a girl with her energetic personality.

Re-Edit: Yeah, I've gone back and been playing more FFVIII(my favorite) on my Vita this week; I never could pick a favorite in VIII. Hell, even Fujin and Xu are in the running.

I don't particularly dislike her, but Tifa isn't really one of my favorite females of FF. She was just... Tifa, to me.

I guess my preferences run either the hyper types, or the quiet, reserved type.

squallheart1955d ago

Same hicken. Always liked that character but the first ones i liked was rinoa and selphie. Contrast personalies.

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Simco8761955d ago

I still have hopes for FFXV...hopefully the go back to their roots!

pompombrum1955d ago

With Wada in charge, I have very little hope of seeing a next gen title worthy of the Final Fantasy name.

tiffac0081955d ago

They can't even release FFXIII Versus and can't even localize FF Type-0. Hope is a little dim right now with the way SE is treating FF.

Wrightylfc881955d ago

Good list but garnet should be second behind tifa

ayabrea931955d ago

fully agree with tifa being top of the list. such an emotional character that I really empathised with.

rataranian1955d ago

How about we just skip to #1 and say Tifa and be done with this debate already?

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