Wii U CPU die photo released

Thanks to the NeoGAF community and Chipworks we now have an impressive photo of the Wii U CPU die.

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PopRocks3592125d ago

I must say, the comments on the actual NeoGAF posts were as interesting as they were amusing. Nice photo of the die by the way. That's a pretty high quality shot.

MasterCornholio2125d ago

I found the comparisons to broadway and gekko extremely interesting though. No wonder the Wii U is backwards compatible since its chip architecture is very similar to the Wii and the Gamecube.

dcbronco2125d ago

Isn't the chip in the Wii U a modified version of the one in the Wii which was a modified version of the one in the Gamecube?

chadboban2125d ago

What's with the lack of comments? Guessing a lot of folks here don't know what it means huh.

2EHO2125d ago

I'm assuming you do?

chadboban2125d ago

Never said I did. Just that folks here like to run their mouths about specs yet when they're presented with something like this they get quiet and wait for folks like Digital Foundry to do the thinking for them. I ain't a tech expert, I just enjoy the games I play.

darthv722125d ago

meaning that the technical schematic isnt as enticing to the trolls as the opinionated views of those who say its performance is =/= to something else.

I have always believed there is more to a game platform than just the specs. Hardware (to some) is the main selling point as it give justification to buy.

In all my years, i have NEVER bought into a platform solely on the basis of technical abilities. I buy it for the games. I think many others do as well.

in fact, in spite of the technical differences of the various platforms currently available (and those of the past), it has always been shown that the quality of the software improves significantly over time due to experience in programming.

You cant assume what the full potential of a platform is by looking at the specs. We have seen many times where developers have exceeded the perceived envelope of a platform and come out with something that wows the crowd.

It just takes people who are dedicated as well as good at their job instead of the easy way out.

dcbronco2125d ago

Good points Darth. Another problem is that unless you helped build those chips, have spent time on them or was taught how to understand them, you can only be so sure what things do. Sony themselves speculated a lot about what the Cell could do. Once they made it, they found out it couldn't do what they thought it would. AMD has gone through the same problem with it's Fusion line of APU.

But the fact that Sony and Microsoft have decided to go with AMD this generation makes me believe AMD has worked their problems out. And Microsoft is most likely using AMDs chips as a foundation like they did with the APU in the 360S.

But if the chip designers can't always tell what a chip will be, I don't trust outsiders assumptions. If they were always right. Larrabee would be in the PS4 and 720.

SilentNegotiator2125d ago

It means that CPU's are made with witchcraft. It's incredible how intricate the details are in modern processors.

lilbroRx2125d ago

There is nothing released yet for them to bash. They are waiting for something of that nature before they mob the comments like they did with that horrid DI write-up DI themselves have sense contradicted but not admitted to fabricating.

chadboban2125d ago

DI? Don't you mean DF as in Digital Foundry? Or are you talking about another site? Not dissing you btw, just want to know which site you're referring to.

lilbroRx2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

I put DI for Digital Incompetence but yeah, I meant digital foundry. A lot of people in the place they made the writeup from slammed them for it, but that didn't get an article made for it so no one cared.

Sadly, their are people who still think the Digital Foundry writeup is true fact, because they refuse to correct it. It was never anything more than a rushed hypothesis written to bash the Wii U and get clicks.

The guy who actually did the photo said that it didn't look like it was based any standard AMD GPU and that it was custom made. As of now, they have more questions about the chip than they started with because of how heavily customized it is.

SilentNegotiator2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

Still telling yourself that the Wii U won't be unimpressive in 5 days/E3 and that everyone disappointed is a big fat meanie head fanboy?

The difference is that they're very much putting a lot of hope in gaining Sony's/Microsoft's gamers this time.

You can not mind lesser graphics and still be disappointed. You can even decide to pass up a system that is greatly gunning for your group and not doing it best.

And the point of my comment was to expose fanboys that keep claiming that people are "bashing" the Wii U because they're disappointed.

chadboban2125d ago

I don't know man, I still enjoyed my Wii and DS despite the fact that I own a PS3 and PSP as well. Games don't instantaneously look bad the minute more powerful hardware is revealed. That's not the way it works. By your logic, the instant PS4 is revealed I'll no longer need to play The Last Of Us because it will now be considered last gen and therefore "a disappointment"

chadboban2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

Okay, whatever man I'll just enjoy what I play and let the fanboys squabble on this site.

I'm just sick and tired of this console war crap and the mentality that we HAVE to choose sides in all of this. And the constant bringing up of specs, sales and "ur consule sucks, LMAO" when all we're really doing is destroying our community from the inside out. Whatever happened to just playing games for the enjoyment and the experiences they give you? How is waving a spec sheet in the face of a random stranger on the internet going to make you enjoy gaming more? I just wonder sometimes what makes gamers do this.

Oh and bro, please don't refer to me as "@below", I do have a name you know, lol.

SilentNegotiator2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )


It's not always about "console wars"
If a fanboy goes into a comment section and makes insane accusations and exaggerations, I call them out in a very blunt fashion.

There's no reason to live in the past just because "you can still enjoy" games on lower spec consoles. I wouldn't buy a Gamecube-level system today just because I could enjoy the games, and third party support would be limited. Pubs/Devs/myself/others are ready for something better. It is 2013 and MY BODY IS READY, DAGNABBIT.

Neonridr2125d ago

@chadboban - actually I agree with you fully man. Where in this world is it stated that you have to support ONLY one company out there? Like it's almost as if we are participating in some virtual world war between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. And if you like Nintendo, then you're just stupid. And if you support Sony or Microsoft then you are considered cool.

Why can't I enjoy my Wii U for what it is, and then have a 720 or PS4 to play some other exclusives? Why do we feel the need to limit ourselves from the best possible gaming experiences by only choosing one manufacturer to support?

I buy Nintendo systems for the 1st party games that I can't find on any other system. I bought a 360 this gen so I could play some Microsoft exclusives and some of the bigger 3rd party games that skipped the Wii. But that doesn't mean I didn't have a blast with the 1st party Nintendo titles that appeared on the Wii.

Depending on which system interests me more, I will get either a 720 or a PS4 no doubt. I am a gamer, and I love to play games. So I am not going to limit it by only having one gaming console. Support them all and we get innovation and competition.

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Ck1x2125d ago

Looking at the die shots from the GC to Wii to WiiU clearly showcases that this new CPU isn't as cut a paste as most would like to belittle it for. It doesn't even closely resemble the 750 power PC design as most here assumed it was just 3 of those cores overclocked. The GC and Wii both share fundamental designs from the 750 and it shows clearly in those pics. But this is definitely a custom CPU a is the GPU for the system.

Gemmol2125d ago

yeah that is what some of the people are saying on GAF now that it may be from the same family, but its not the same chip, like sandy and ivy, same family but different

metroidfusion22125d ago

I like how many people above me know what they are talking about and I will say this I never was/will be a spec person I play the games I like regardless of the system and its as simple as that and I can't wait until I see a full spec sheet of the wii u so that the people who know what they are talking about can tell how much stronger it is then last gen since so many people are just ignorant fools and don't do enough or any research and judge something based on what this person said and its just sad and I'm sure there is much more I want to say but thays it I'm about to play my favorite or one of my favorite games of all time METROID FUSION and no one can beat my gameshark times of 28 minutes with 0 percent and 42 minutes with 100 percent only using 17 to 20 codes all done on the ds lite and now I have the game on the vba on pc and now have skin colors and more codes but still use the same amount and my pc times are 31 minutes with 0 percent because I have to click on and off the codes and now I'm going to do a 100% run ha ha

TruthbeTold2125d ago

I've always felt like there's nothing wrong with cheat codes, as along as the gamer has already gotten everything else that they wanted out of the game.

I like the Wii U for the games, what the games look like, and what games are coming in the future, and what they look like.

It was the same with the Wii. With the Wii, there were some games that I did not like the way they looked of course. But Nintendo with the Wii U is moving into the realm where it will pretty much take a crap effort for a game to not at least look good. And at this type of price point, that's enough for me.

Whichever of the PS4/Nextbox wows me the most will get my dollars at/near launch. The other will wait for a bit until it's more affordable, and exclusives that I just can't wait any longer for appear.

Wii U Deluxe bundle, with Zombi U, Pro controller, and digital copy of Nintendo Land for $389.99 this Sunday.

It shall be mine. And I imagine many others.

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