Little Inferno Review [Capsule Computers]

Developed by the Tomorrow Corporation, Little Inferno was one of the first games to enter the world of Nintendo Wii U’s eShop marketplace. Though the studio itself is quite small (with only three developers), they have incredible pedigree coming with them as the gentlemen who created both World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth, two critically lauded indie titles. Little Inferno is looking to burn its way onto the hearts and minds of everyone with access to Wii U’s eShop as well as the PC. Is Little Inferno a long-burning flame of love or has it fizzled out? Let’s find out.

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LinkageAX1980d ago

I liked world of goo, will check this out.

masterabbott1980d ago

this looks like a pretty awesome game, its funny how its cheaper on ios.. i might get it on that instead.

militissanctus1980d ago

It's wild to me that it presents such a lighthearted veneer, but the story has some very dark, serious notes!

TongkatAli1979d ago

La la la la *burns a doll*