Dead or Alive 5+ Japanese Trailer Shows Off Exclusive Vita Features

Hardcore Gamer: The trailer touts many of the exclusive features the Vita version of the game brings to the table, including fighting PS3 users online, first-person and portrait mode and the ability to flick, tap and pinch the screen.

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LackTrue4K1952d ago

first person FIGHTING?! :O
never seen that....i think that would of been cool for the xbox, with Kinetic support.

H4all1952d ago

first day buy... i'm ready for that..

profgerbik1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Lol the frame of the video before hitting play looks kind of funny, naughty Ryu.

knifefight1952d ago

:Oh here I'll clarify: it's a Dead or Alive game and they have big bouncing boobs. A recent patch allows manual control over them. I'm referring to boobs.

You gonna be okay?

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