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Submitted by Venomousfatman 1089d ago | opinion piece

Used Games – The Pick Your Poison of the Industry

Gamers are always looking for a better deal that works in their favor. Whether it is saving a few extra dollars or getting more content for the value of a game, every little bit helps. Yet the same things that work out for the better for gamers in turn hurts the flip side of the equation, the makers of the games. And this is the major dilemma that everyone faces with the debate about used games. Which is the side that should get the better side of the deal, gamers who buy and play the games, or the people who work hard to create the things we all love the most? The grey area is incredibly large in this conundrum of morals and ethics. No matter which side of the debate everyone may agree with, not everybody will be satisfied. (Casual games, Dev, GameStop, Industry, PS3, Tag Invalid, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

rbailey  +   1089d ago
This was a great read and alot of valid points raised all throughout.
Crazyglues  +   1089d ago
LoL... it's funny I had just did a blog post about this topic a few days ago.. -

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Romudeth  +   1089d ago
Is that George R.R. Martin in a Gamestop?
LE  +   1089d ago
"This ultimately hurts the makers of the games since they lose out on a potential sale, preventing money that directly goes into the game maker’s pockets."

First off good article. This quote is the reason why we need to accept the switch to digital. I myself abuse GameFly because I can pay a discount on used games. I don't go to GameStop that often anymore because of the convience of having the game arrive in my mail box.

These companies do put alot of money and resources into these games and in return many of them take a loss. We read about job loses and studios being shut down every week. Some of those resources and profits of digital sales could be put into better promotion of these games such as timed demos, etc. There will always be the argument that not everyone has internet. It's 2013, if you can buy these games you can afford internet. Hopefully this generation will see the abuse of a cloud system, maybe x amount of storage for x dollars via PSN or XBL.
Venomousfatman  +   1089d ago
Very true. Maybe if something like that was to get popular more companies like Sony could take a better direction towards marketing and handling their games. It's a win win for everyone. We might have games like Sly Cooper Thieves in Time do a little better then it has at this point.

Like Colin Moriarty always says, "Speak With Your Wallet".
Ripsta7th  +   1089d ago
Gamestop is a rip off! They try to sell u used games only $5 less then the retail price. IDK why people are so dumb , when they could get a better deal from Craigslist
OHH and when u trade in a game expect like 30% of what you paid
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Klonopin  +   1089d ago
So basically developers and publishers get squat while GameStop keeps every dollar, and people are actually defending this bullshit? Digital distribution makes perfect sense.
Klonopin  +   1089d ago
@Romudeth i was gonna say Gabe Newell in a disguise, but that can't be.
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ElectroJade  +   1089d ago
Excellent article. I'm always concerned when I buy a used game from EB Games/Gamestop. It's also disheartening when games exponentially decrease in price within a few months, but that's another story.. *sigh* ..
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crazysammy  +   1089d ago
Used games is part of the market, and there are as many benefits as there are potential downsides. I agree very good article.

First look at the selling side. When customers know they can sell a product, it has more value and they are willing to pay more for it. Many people will not pay $60 for a game if there is no value after buying it. Also most people that sell games will use it to buy new games. Even if a used game opens the door at least the customer was introduced to the product and will purchase future ones.

As far as the buying side, many people can not afford all of these games. So would you rather have them not buy it? Or buy it and snag them up as a future customer.

Now I will be the first to admit that I was a GS manager for 11 years, and them forcing us to convince people to buy used is wrong, and that does hurt the devs. However GS needs to make that much money on used sales just to stay open. If they went under that is MUCH worse for developers/publishers than selling used games. So many new games are reserved through these shops and if they disappear it is loss for many.

Anyway good read, well written article and good discussion so far! Like I always say, Used and New games are not opposite ends of a conflict, but are both equal parts of an ecosystem. They can both strive and thrive as long as neither side gets too greedy.
LE  +   1089d ago
Maybe one good thing that could come out of purchasing a digital title late would be a lower than used price. Much respect in the acknowledgement of GameStop and them "forcing" employees to sell used games to stay afloat. I don't knock any company trying to get money that's what it's about. But for the future of gaming and quality period, these developers need a little shot in the wallet. Who knows what it could lead to, free or larger discounted DLC, better promotion so that we will know about majority of these titles. Just brainstorming but maybe buy one get the old free, just saying. As far as GameStop, I've seen some articles were they are losing money yearly. You know you can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.
Majors  +   1089d ago
Fix for used game market (Nearly)
For the likes of gamestop, Blockbusters etc etc - Give every game an online code and make it law that to sell a game it must be fully useable both on and offline.
Sell these companies online codes in bulk or via till receipt (EA code, Ubi code etc) which must be included with the sale of all games.
This way money is returned to the industry and we dont buy a locked game for £5 less than new and then have to pay £8 for online pass.
LE  +   1089d ago
Good thought, but for one the government shouldn't be involved. Second, you have to account for the mom & pop stores and also places like pawn shops that all pass used games along. I doubt these places have enough money to get involved in purchasing online codes.
Majors  +   1089d ago
I thought about them.. But what if every shop that sells used games buys (at a discounted rate) scratch cards for the codes ie buy battlefield 3 get issued a EA card which works with every EA game and same for Ubisoft etc..
I realise that your game will be worth a lot less when you trade it in, but in reality you buy a new game for £40 have it a week take it to trade in at Game lol and get £10 cash or £15 credit
Shops that cant do this should have a warning sticker on the box and should be £10 cheaper.
JBallerX  +   1089d ago
I am just under the assumption that money talks. I think these companies will go wherever the most money is. I am sure they will do insane amounts of research into the subject. If too many people get turned off by the idea I can't see them getting rid of the used games market. To me it boils down to the fact that the consumer right now has all of the power. They choose which games to buy and which companies to support.

I am a huge fan of used games. I don't like the idea of the online pass, but I understand the economics behind it.

I absolutely hate GameStop. I like the idea of GameStop, but think they don't give you nearly enough for your games. They also charge way more than what a game is worth imo.

Right now the burden is on the customer's shoulders to cover the charges for places like GameStop...for example the online passes. GameStop still gives you very little for your game, and sells it for more than it's worth. Then you have to purchase an online pass to be able to play it online. If there was a way for GameStop to pay the companies when someone traded in the game I think that would be best. Or somehow pay a certain percentage to the developers when they sell one of their used games.

I just don't think it should all fall on the consumer like it does now, and punishing them more is not the answer either.

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