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Submitted by startalancenter 1093d ago | opinion piece

Opinions?: Xbox founder says he could kill “Xbox, Playstation, and Wii U” with Apple TV

Was forwarded an article by a long time reader about how one of the original Xbox founder stated that Apple TV gaming could just right out kill Xbox, Playstation, and Wii U. (My Xbox, PS3, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360)

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Gimmemorebubblez  +   1094d ago
Stop talking b.s no one knows what the Ps4 or 720 have up their sleave.
onyoursistersback  +   1094d ago
lol....with what?! Apple TV?! haha....
i have an iphone 5 and everything...but i have yet to buy anything off the istore.
TheGamerDood  +   1093d ago
I love how people think 250 million active users all with credit cards is something to laugh at.

What did Gabe say recently, the real threat to their Steam box isn't Sony or MS, but Apple. And MS is so uneasy about a possible Apple console that they're shifting focus from the core to the casual market starting next gen. That what got them through the last decade won't be what gets them through the next. lol
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joab777  +   1093d ago
I dont laught at apple at all. But, it wont be as easy as he thinks. First off, appl tv has been out while and it isnt very popular because of sevices like ps3 and 360. Second, with the ps4, 720, steam box in varying forms, the ouya and many, many mobile devices, it will be hard to even get started. And dont laugh at the impact google and samsung have had on apple. It wouldnt be smart for them to go this route. It isnt a huge money maker and would be quite risky.

This may be the end if traditional consoles anyway so when are they gonna get started? U need exclusives etc. Yes, apple is powerful, but also smart enough to know that it wouldnt be worth it. Unless they were gonna make an extension of the apple market for TV. But that wouldnt hurt consoles anymore than moblie games already do. The proof will be in Sony's success. They are committed to big games and ppl still wanna play those at home.
rainslacker  +   1093d ago
I think apple could certainly make a dent in the market, I just wonder at their long term viability in this regard. Apple, IMO, isn't the greatest of software developers, and their glory days are long over with Windows and Linux far surpassing OSX in both usability and customization. People who say otherwise still think Windows runs like it did in 3.1, which just isn't the case anymore.

Apple however could make a push to be what they are now, and that's a media focused machine that also offers games, perhaps through an app store, which could be beneficial for the indie market.

However, Apple isn't know, and has never been known, to push powerful hardware, and the home console market does do that, at least respective to it's own market.

However, given the features of Smart TV's and integrated media devices, it makes much more sense for them to just offer a store front and app(similar to PS Mobile) and not worry about the massive amounts of R&D and marketing required for a console to even get to market.

They have a good thing going with their smart phones and tablets, but that success doesn't necessarily equate to success in the console or TV market, as is shown with Apple TV.

I think if Apple truly wanted to breach that market, which is small compared to their current worth, they would be showing signs of interest already. We probably won't see them enter the market this upcoming gen, but maybe next gen when the entire landscape may change into something they are more comfortable with.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1093d ago
Well think of it this way, Apple can sell a whopping 700$ I pad and that thing will fly off store shelves. Just think if they get into the console buissness?

Apple's brand recognition is absolutely ridiculous. MS is struggling against Apple, Windows 8 and Surface are both struggling right now MS is losing money from it.

Part of the reason is because MS Surface is INSANELY overpriced, we're talking 1000$ overpriced, its freakin ridiculous. So people instead buy an Ipad that does virtually the same things the surface does just at a cheaper price.

If Apple gets in the gaming buissness and releases the Apple I console. They'll do great imo.
Psn800  +   1093d ago
Why have an iPhone then ? Apple iPads are good for what it says on the tin but gaming NO !
I have a ipad 4 but gaming no way the consoles beat it hands down but for browsing and listening to music , watching movies and reading excellent ,
For gaming it is not good enough the console is head and shoulders way better .
T3MPL3TON  +   1093d ago
TheGamerDood:250 million active users all with credit cards is something to laugh at.

Looks like they fooled another one. Don't believe any stats a company puts out unless they are putting out the full data. If they don't show the full data then it's a lie. Sony said they had 100 million users. They forgot to talk about all those single use accounts.

I'll give Apple their due, they have lots of mindless drones who buy up their trash. Thing is. Apple doesn't make video games. When they start then video game companies can start worrying, but the truth is even if they did they wont exist on a competitive market. The Apple console will cost hundreds more than what ever Sony, MicroSoft or Nintendo have out.
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MikeMyers  +   1092d ago
Both Sony and Microsoft are apparently also trying to make things seem similar across various platforms. So if your in Sony's world that operating system may be familiar on a smartphone, Vita or PS4 and perhaps even the computer and tablets. Microsoft is doing the same with the Surface, Windows X and the upcoming Xbox.

That is one key area Apple has over Android, a universal operating system that is familiar with all of their customers. It's something Sony and Microsoft will also strive for. Valve and Steam are doing the same.
xursz  +   1092d ago
Lmao everyone already forgot about the Pippin.
Mounce  +   1092d ago
This Xbox founder guy speaks with confidence and arrogance...

He's allowed to, because he knows Apples market base are at majority, nothing but Sheep that will buy their overpriced products no matter what. They remind me of what Sony was like in 2005-2006 where they thought everyone would go "SHUTUP AND TAKE MY $599 US DOLLARS!" Only to find out that when customers hit the fine line? Their loyalty goes out the window due to the slap to the face that a company thinks they'll always 'Do' something, and expect exaggerated profits.

Apple needs to learn a lesson in god-complexity, or more or less this one guy for the time being.
showtimefolks  +   1093d ago
yeh and if its anything like a app store kind of a deal than we would jail break the device and use it for free

apple execs: i would love to see you get involved in gaming business, this isn't apple fanboys where you can release a minor updated device and still charge $599

and no we don't want the .99 cents game to replace our actual games like zelda,halo,uncharted,half life etc,
jmc8888  +   1093d ago
Don't forget that the guy that created, then rebuilt the company is dead, and the people that have control now are breaking the rules he set.

People may not remember but Apple II computers were the bomb, I was born into a house with one, and learned to use it myself at 4.

Less then a decade later Apple was near dead. Overpriced, underspec'ed, and living off it's name. Sound familiar?

Apple spends more time trading it's cash in the stock markets then creating new products worthy of purchase and competitively pricing it. They're entire stock price is based off charging a perma-premium and forever being the 'in product'.

This is where Gabe is wrong. He expects Apple to continue screwing over it's customers by putting out expensive crap and getting away with it.

Just like in the past people will get tired of it and put their money with companies that do provide value, and next time Apple has no Steve Jobs to go back to.

Status is fleeting. One minute you're hot, the next, yesterday news.

Gabe fears Apple's money, but that too could evaporate overnight with a stock market crash..and no, nothing has been fixed since the greatest depression mankind has ever experienced started five years ago (and we're still in the beginning stages).

While Gabe is no doubt a smart man, he too can be wrong, just like Steve Jobs was with the Macintosh.
CHARLIEBROWNE  +   1093d ago
Say who Arsenio Hal?
dboyc310  +   1092d ago
Is apple TV even relevant? Consoles aren't going no where until the manufacturers say so. Nothing can replace the same experience that console games provide.
The_Infected  +   1094d ago
The article headline isn't entirely correct. He says Apple could easily take down Xbox and WiiU but he doesn't know about Playstation.

"Well I don’t know about Playstation. But, I could definitely see Apple taking down Xbox and Wii U easily."
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shivvy24  +   1093d ago
my 10yr old brother said the wii u gamepad looks crap! faith in next gen of children = restored
fsfsxii  +   1092d ago
That comment was great until the last sentence....
nukeitall  +   1093d ago
That is this regurgitated opinion piece's author opinion, and not what the Xbox founder said:

"Well I don’t know about Playstation (That’s my personal opinion not the Founder, he still thinks apple tv can defeat them all). But, I could definitely see Apple taking down Xbox and Wii U easily."
Bigpappy  +   1092d ago
I doubt Apple can even make it in the console market. The console market requires core gamers. I don't see Apple pulling support from Sony and M$. To get the core gamers, you need to have the strongest 3rd party support. Truth is: you can not compete in the core gaming market without very strong 3rd party support. If apple comes to market with some odd OS or hardware, they will not be able to get the kind of support they would need to be relevant. Gamers go where the most developers are, and where their friends play.
animegamingnerd  +   1094d ago
i seriously doubt the apple tv will even make a dent on either of them
CalvinKlein  +   1094d ago
BanBrother  +   1093d ago
He really doesn't like Xbox. From what I heard he was screwed over pretty bad by the now current CEO.

OT: Who knows. Casuals are pretty retarded and will eat that $hit up, so long as it has that cute little fu**ing apple symbol that they can show everyone.
RuleofOne343  +   1093d ago
So 12 years later is when he starts to bitch or on the verge of new console . becoming obvious someone feels left out or has no life.

Either way he needs to STHU.
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BanBrother  +   1093d ago

Oh I agree, he just wants the attention. I was just teying to point out that this is another disgruntled former employee of MS lol. He mad, and he starts siding with Apple? Lol.

The sooner Apple dies, the better. The only thing their tablets are good at is high resolution photos and videos lol. But, they can charge what they want, as that little apple symbol makes male and female alike blush for some reason. Like a sexual stimulant. Who knows?
NastyLeftHook0  +   1094d ago
so he is basically saying microsoft cannot kill the playstation with the xbox. he needs apple. lol
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classic200  +   1094d ago
Apple pippin already died from the original playstation, since then apple stayed away from console.
StrongMan  +   1093d ago
The guy says he can take out the Xbox and the Wii but he said he's not sure he can take out PlayStation. Nothing can take out PlayStation.
Neonridr  +   1093d ago
Nothing can take out Playstation..

except their own egos..
RyuCloudStrife  +   1093d ago
akaakaaka  +   1093d ago
Nothing! Accept it.. even this guys know it!
Plus apple will be more likely a expensive casual console.

If someone can be the next Sony and be on per with is Samsung, it will be nice to see a console by them instead of m$
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wenaldy  +   1093d ago
Nuttin!!! But a g thang..
Rivitur  +   1092d ago
I must agree this "g thang" sounds Almighty where can I get my hands on one?
Timesplitter14  +   1093d ago
excuse me what
Soldierone  +   1093d ago
MS is full of crap lately, whats up with the flamboint remarks? Trying to downplay the PlayStation event or something?

If Apple were to "takeover" I'd quit gaming. The best thing they have all these years is Angry Birds. Still no controller, not even a peripheral, and still a "store" full of console knockoffs. If console games were 1 dollar to 5 dollars they'd be selling like hot cakes too.
Hufandpuf  +   1093d ago
MS did not say this.
rainslacker  +   1093d ago
This wasn't said by MS. This was said by one of the original makers of the first Xbox, who no longer works at MS. He was actually quite critical of MS in the blog he wrote. He also didn't say he personally could kill anything, just that Apple TV could be a serious threat to MS and Nintendo, but wasn't sure about Sony.
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JimmyDanger  +   1092d ago
Go and read his blog. http://ilikecode.wordpress....

Really, you're just making stuff up now!

He calls Nintendo and Sony stumbling failures. There were actually quite a few dimensions to his opinions. And he follows up in the comments section to flesh out where he's coming from, and clearly states it is his opinion. Interesting, long comments section too - even Ed Fries makes a post (one of the 3 guys, along with Allard and Blackley - who I think is better regarded as "xbox founder")

But the "problems" he had with 360 are almost entirely things that the 360 OS/account system does better than the Ps3/wiiu. I've already outlined plenty of them in my posts in the article here on n4g, about Nat Brown's blog piece a few days ago, and won't repeat myself here.

I hope this post doesn't get cut and pasted from here, and into the comments section of his blog (obviously by an n4g reader) like happened with the previous link/story was published here a few days ago! Opinion theft? Or opinion borrowing? Flattering nonetheless, if somewhat freaky.
rainslacker  +   1090d ago
What exactly am I making up?

-MS didn't say this
-He was on the original team making the first Xbox
-He no longer works for MS.
-His blog was very critical of MS's direction(or lack thereof) with the Xbox.
-He didn't say he could personally kill anything
-He did say Apple TV could be a threat to MS and Nintendo
-He said he wasn't sure how Apple would affect Sony.

Nothing in my post was made up.

I'm not going to scour this site to find out your opinion. If you think it's important then post it here, or at least post a link. I can't speak to the comments section of the site, because when I originally read his blog there were only a few there.

Also, you're the only one that cares that someone "stole" your opinion. That doesn't make your comment any more valid, since from what I see you have addressed nothing that I said. I find it funny you say I'm making stuff up, when I was simply correcting the original poster on the relationship between the source and MS, and clarifying his perception of the actual quote in question.
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Angels3785  +   1093d ago
It could be true....but not because its better.....its because its apple....the sheep flock to apple.....
TheOneEyedHound  +   1093d ago
Yes people would buy it, but will they buy their games.
theWB27  +   1093d ago
I don't understand how it could take out Microsoft easier than Playstation...from a money standpoint Microsoft can throw money around with the best of them and I dont see gamers shifting from an Xbox or a Playstation anytime soon. I kinda think these three consoles are what gamers an identity. But what do I know...
uzumaki619  +   1093d ago
Apple these nutz, they better stay on that trees..thats were they belong
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tachy0n  +   1093d ago
lol apple..

apple tried to kill the PC and failed miserably and PC had to fight against other enemies not only apple....

what makes them think they can come back at PC AND consoles when they lost every round.

stupidly over priced products apple has. they stand no chance against the kings(PC gaming, console gaming and android) apple is done.


macs will never be as popular as pc's since they cant run as many programs as the PC does, funny because after all these years macs still cant keep up with the PC.
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shivvy24  +   1093d ago
i dont like mac , but mac's are getting really popular these days due to apples success recently
WeAreLegion  +   1093d ago
Apple got owned by Android in the cell phone market and they're currently getting owned by Amazon in the tablet market.

They have money...but what can they do against an army of quality developers who have the love and respect of a MAJOR core audience? Angry Birds and Cut The Rope will sell systems...but what will sell the other games? Staying power is a pretty big part of success within an industry.
theDECAY  +   1093d ago
Yeah, they don't belong in the console world, IMO.
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RememberThe357  +   1093d ago
Apple gets what they want because they choose their battle wisely. They don't take on too much and they stay focused. But I don't think that they would get much respect from gamers. They might put out something for their app store but I don't think they could survive in the console business as we know it. Analysts lump all video games together but we all know there is a difference between games like Assassin's Creed and Uncharted, and something like Angry Birds. Apple might be able to be king of apps but Playstation/Xbox/Nintendo offer experiences on a completely different level.

They have the capital to basically buy popularity at this point but I don't think it would pay off for them, hence why they don't enter the console business. The investment just wouldn't pay off.
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   1093d ago
I would love for Apple to enter the console market. They could phase out Sony in America.
HG_69   1093d ago | Spam
dangert12  +   1093d ago
Having an xbox 360 and needing gold to pretty much do anything which has some sort of online capabilitie does actully remind me of ipods,ipads i everything fetish a pricing most things
HG_69   1093d ago | Spam
RuleofOne343  +   1093d ago
It could happen but first the world over would have to suffer one of the biggest epidemics of stupidity.
before we are to become a bunch of witless drones that think getting a new device every 8 month is OK or that one more feature added valid a new purchase.

Till then just STHU.
Rayko  +   1093d ago
Playing games by tapping on the screen all the time is not fun gameplay. When I bought an iphone, I thought it was fun for the first few days, then it got so boring, I even deleted all games on my iphone.

So please don't tell me that advertising in games and touching the screen is the future of gaming. Then I will have to quit gaming forever. Or buy an old SNES.
Cam977  +   1093d ago
Crapple would kill off a decent console of their own with constant upgrades as we've seen since SJ died.
Ripsta7th  +   1093d ago
with what ? Angry birds and joyride jetpakcs? Or MAybe Draw something? lol
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1093d ago
I just want to say that people laughed at Sony when they entered the gaming market. Almost no one took them seriously. Then, in just a few short months after launching the PS1, they took the console world by storm.

Apple could easily capture the video game market. There is only two things standing in their way. First, they don't want to. Second, they're not serious about gaming.
squarecircle  +   1093d ago
A little bit of history on the Apple Pippin:

If Apples multi-purpose gaming machine failed in 1996, does Microsoft think it will work in 2013?
TronEOL  +   1093d ago
I couldn't see Apple taking out anyone. Mario, Zelda, and others of the sort will keep Nintendo alive, while Microsoft's nextBox will most likely do tons more than Apple TV, and Sony will continue to offer a gamer-centric PlayStation.

Not to mention Apple's "gaming" side of their iPhone/iPad is incredibly lifeless. I've played my fair share of iPhone/Pad games (purchased and free) and they NEVER come close to stacking up to proper console titles.

So I wouldn't be worried in the slightest. Every big company falls eventually. Apple is on a massive wobbly tower right now, and most likely wouldn't risk tipping it with a gaming device (not to mention Ouya is supposed to offer mobile phone-style games for $99).
FinalomegaS  +   1093d ago
"When Apple wants something it gets it."
Ya, I see how they are getting what they want... Sammy is really giving it to them =/

Apple hits the casual market with their Iphone and their messiah dies and the company isn't as fresh as they once were.

Remember Apple items aren't mega powerful but just well made and user friendly, and currently on the gaming market there is already one company like that...

I just don't see Apple as some big threat. Just suggest they stick to making their phones for their sheep's to gobble up every year.
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profgerbik  +   1092d ago
Apple TV LOL! Really, just like their Mac Pro desktop right? That is why so many people use those computers for serious gaming and not strictly for multimedia editing.. (sarcasm if you could not sense it).

OSX has been the worst gaming platform ever and still is, how on earth anyone would assume their TV's are going to outperform their $11,000 dollar Mac Pro desktops is just pure stupidity.
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level 360  +   1092d ago
I don't believe a word that article says. What a load of horse dung.
cleft5  +   1092d ago
WiiU is Nintendo bro, no one can kill them because their IPs are way too strong. Could Apple TV be very successful, sure why not. Kill a Nintendo console, no way. The GameCube sold like crap and Ninteno still turned a profit. Understand when Nintendo is struggling it's because instead selling 5 million they are selling 4 million. Their version of struggling is hardly what most of us think it really should be. When this guy makes these all including statements like this, even though he said Apple could do this and not him, he loses credibility and sounds like an angry fan.
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