An Open Letter To Everyone In The Game Industry

Clayton as a Usability Consultant expresses his outrage over everything that has happened with Aliens: Colonial Marines and how we need changes before others force the changes on us.

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Please spread this one around, I'd like to get as many people in on the conversation as possible.

MestreRothN4G1982d ago


This conversation should have been done a lot of time ago, but people didn't realize the "evil schemes" until they have come to this ridiculous points.

What the article points to is happening over and over again. Gearbox/Alien/Sega brings just another example to it.

Games are being advertised as magic, excellent, innovative. Mostly they have subpar performance, no creativity at all, below standard controls, ridiculous challenge.

Diablo 3.
Mass Effect 3.
Dragon Age 2.
I dare to say Skyrim (with its awful combat).
Dead Space 3.

All these games were advertised as top notch. Actually, most of them were limited by the "codualization" that is infecting all the games, specially the successful franchises.

lol at us.

Once again...

Marketing >>>>>>>&g t;>>> Quality/creativity.

antz11041982d ago

Im not really sure how you can lump ME3, Skyrim, and DS3 in with Brink. Thats generalizing a little too much.

$20 says that most of the people complaining about A:CM haven't even played it and are going off what they read in the media. Is it a great game? No, but its sure not as horrible as the media is portraying it to be. Maybe we can't trust companies anymore re a finished product, but we sure shouldnt start trusting random ppl on the internet that could be talking out of their a$$.

MestreRothN4G1982d ago

I never said they had the same quality standard, never said they were in the same level.

If you read carefully, you'll understand which point I said they have in common.

And yes, when it comes to this point, I really believe they are in the same bag.

antz11041982d ago

And I never said anything about standard quality or level. I said you lumped them in together. And you did when you said "Mostly they have subpar performance, no creativity at all, below standard controls, ridiculous challenge." Then you listed off several games, some Im sure could fall under that heading. The ones I mentioned I don't think belong in that category at all. That's where the generalization comes in, and why I think ppl should judge for themselves other than trusting someones opinion.

PopRocks3591982d ago

Very interesting analysis. It truly is amazing how one game has generated so much buzz, negative or otherwise. I still want to try it out to get my own impression of it, so I don't know how bad it really is but people seem to be pretty irked by this title for a number of reasons and it's a shame given its hype. At least some people have managed to enjoy it for what it was I suppose.

Irishguy951982d ago


This is why gamers should simply not buy bad games. Gearbox have gotten away with this when the really don't deserve too. They literally ****ed over everyone including Sega/

BanBrother1982d ago

Yeah it sucks. I thought of Gearbox in a positive light, as I loved Borderlands and Randy seemed like a cool guy. But this game is a travesty. Gearbox should have said NO, as they were working on Borderlands 2 but still tried to make Aliens at the same time. Obviously, they put all their work into Borderlands 2 and neglected Aliens CM.
A serious smack in the face to Aliens fans. All along Gearbox just wanted the money. They even outsourced the Borderlands 2 DLC.

Very, very piss poor ethical standatds from Gearbox. If I were SEGA I'd sue their asses. Not buying ANY game from Gearbox from now on. I do not support their filthy business. They just lost a customer.

To anyone defending them, you just can't. Even if you like the game, you have to see between the lines and take a look at all the deception and dirty lies benknd this hellish developmemt cycle, if you can even call it that.

MestreRothN4G1982d ago

Gearbox is an awful developer and Borderlands is the exception.

Also... They made the same thing with Duke Nukem.

Godmars2901982d ago

This pretty much been the industry this whole generation if not before.

I mean come on people, from ET on the Atari 2600 to poor side-quest management in ME3 - nevermind the ending! - to this, this is just history repeating itself.

Myx231982d ago

people seem not to be able to see the bigger picture here. every industry on the planet jumped the downward spiral when globalization came up. outsourcing stuff was the magic phrase. now we got soulless products. only children with their "santa does exist, mommy, yes?"-point of view would write open letters to an industry that couldn't care less. yes, we are all upset now the state the industries are in, but please do remember: we all let it happen.

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