Amazon: Resident Evil 6 Archives for $53.25

GE: "Amazon has slashed the price of Resident Evil 6 Archives by nearly $40."

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ScubaSteve12011d ago

still not worth the money

showtimefolks2011d ago

this is a game i will buy when its under $10 and used so capcom won't get any money, they messed up RE6 so badly

the 3ds RE game that's coming to consoles looks legit and that's the style of RE games we want for future releases

Kos-Mos2011d ago

So you actually want it?

showtimefolks2011d ago

Yeh I would like to play it but didn't you understand what I wrote

Under $10 bucks
Used copy from gamerly or GameStop

Capcom doesn't see a penny

But if I don't get to it it's not gonna kill me since it's not a must play. Now on February 20th of Sony announce 5-6 killer games with launch which could be in early November than RE6 is a forgotten game by me

With so many games as is for 2013 and may likely new consoles I am not really worried about playing RE6. Even if do buy it for around $10 it will mst likely sit in my back log

Yodagamer2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I'm not surprised, they are however porting over what should have resident evil 6 so I guess capcom seems to have learned their lesson (hopefully...)

busytoad2011d ago

Most id pay for that is $10 dollars, capcom is failing so hard these days its sad.