A deep dive look at the Playstation 4 leaked controller [SideQuesting]

"With the leak of the supposed Playstation 4 controller, the team takes a deep dive look at the design, including the advantages of the new stick designs and the two mystery buttons on the top."

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George Sears1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

The articles notion of touch pad for browser use sounds okay but most Sony browsers are just plain shit.

Honestly though, I don't see nor can think of any use of this. I dislike the Vita's rear touchpad (can't stand random knife stabbing people in MGS3) and this seems to just be another gimmick like the SIXAXIS controls.

Sony, do what you want to do. Just let me be able to use my DS3 on the PS4 with no repercussions.


Yeah, it is way better that's for sure. I don't use it since I have a phone.

r211856d ago

Hey the vita browser is way better than the PS3's. Thats for sure.

TongkatAli1856d ago

This and cross game chat and Skype. I'm gonna stop now.

poopsack1856d ago

I think the only way you'll be using this touch pad mistakingly is if you have hands the size of Shrek.

nukeitall1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Is the touchpad even really used with the PS Vita?

Like what for?

I fail to see the need for a touchpad personally.

soultecc1856d ago

i gotta admit that controller looks ugly as hell

Conzul1856d ago

Concave sticks are good but I'm not so hot about the rims on them.

DomceM1856d ago

yeah i agree. I think they should have done a better rim job than the one we see.


xPhearR3dx1856d ago

Agreed. Apparently it's an early prototype, but it's pretty damn ugly, that's for sure.

Panthers1856d ago

This will obviously get at aesthetic overhaul. The features seem great, but it is ugly. It reminds me of a cheap mad catz controller.

However, the features have me very excited and I cant wait for the 20th.

soultecc1856d ago

exactlx by no means i meant it was crap, just ugly really ugly

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The story is too old to be commented.