Over 500 Confirmed Games List for OUYA.

The Android-based microconsole already has over 500 confirmed games. Developers confirmed each title on the list. Info on each game included.

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JoGam2010d ago

I was just going to say the same thing. smh

tyrone242010d ago

Lets not forget all games will be free to try.

fermcr2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

"Over 500 Confirmed Games List for OUYA."

... and i'm going to buy and play every single one of them. /s

I guess most (or all) of them are free.

Most likely over 500 of those confirmed games are crap.

CommonSenseGamer2009d ago

What are your thoughts on the 25 free apps and games that were listed on n4g yesterday that are available for the Vita on Sony's mobile store?

Anyway, this console is being too easily dismissed. The masses are familiar with what it offers and are use to having large numbers of apps and games to browse. On another note, it will probably support any media format and allow you to use chrome to browse the web on your tv. Given they plan to release a new model every year by this time next year it could pack a tegra 4 GPU and that is a powerhouse. How long do you think it will be before the Vita supports the h.265 video format?

Yes there is likely to be a lot of shovelware available day one but there will also be a lot of fun for a fraction of the price of a regular console.

MultiConsoleGamer2010d ago

And not a single one I want to play.

cameronpark2010d ago

Come on people, Ya'll haven't even seen anything yet, already so negative.

Or maybe sharing some of that insider info?


classic2002010d ago

If someone is coming into the console industry, they should not be coming into it with phone games. People already have tablets and phones for these.

Steam box will be what gets people excited because the industry will benefit.

hobohunterz2009d ago

Lol its running on phone hardware and software WHAT DO YOU WANT....

DeadlyFire2010d ago

Well it is Tegra 3 based so there is really only so much they could do with it. PS2/Xbox era is the max potential it could have with games with maybe a little more GPU power than PS2/Xbox, but not a whole lot. As Tegra 3 is roughly 12 Gigaflops. Almost matching the Wii's 20 Gigaflops.

BanBrother2009d ago


Huh, I was thinking the console will be a Giga-Flop all together, if you catch my meaning.

cameronpark2010d ago

How do you know they are coming in with hone games?

2010d ago
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