Microsoft: “Everybody Knows” PS3 “Isn’t as Good of an Entertainment Console” as Xbox 360

Right before Sony had to eat humble pie when the PS3′s launch cost them billions and market dominance, they were criticized for being arrogant and cocky. Now they’re seen as a much more likeable and respectable company that doesn’t tell people to get another job.

Clearly not having learned anything from Sony’s past, Microsoft is now playing the villain.


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Dylila1644d ago

it isnt as good because its better

Enemy1644d ago

Microsoft has no games left, no blu-ray, inferior Netflix, and a subscription-based service. Sony is opposite to each of those things.

PS3 isn't as good,'s better.

BattleAxe1644d ago Show
patterson1644d ago

Ah this just sounds like Microsoft playing the FOX News game of declaring something as true without backing it up with facts.

morganfell1644d ago

I would like to see the face of Yusuf Mehdi when he realizes that as he was talking nonsense all of the lifeboats left.

007Bond1644d ago

Yea it's better at being horrible! JK although PS exclusives are mostly overrated and most do not look interesting at all as well as xbox's

The_Infected1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Microsoft is showing serious signs of weakness. They're bashing left and right. Shows they're scared of the Feb 20th PS4 reveal. Just think when the PS4 is revealed the 360 will be the last console revealed this gen. Also when Sony shows their 1st party games you better take notice MS. They're going hard and your trying to cater the casual Kinect market. Face it Kinect is done over and boring crap.

rainslacker1644d ago

I hope when MS announces their new platform, Sony just wishes them luck, like they did with the Wii U. It's so much classier.

Darth Stewie1644d ago

No its because the PS3 is the better gaming console.

nosferatuzodd1644d ago

Microsoft is always like that,they never take their lumps like a gentleman.

Instead they bash and sabotage just like how they made that scroogle add when Google is kicking their cheep windows phone ass, or when apple came out with the iPhone.

They find all kind of horrible crap to say about how bad iPhone was, then they copied the siri app lol i hate that company no offense to Xbox owners, the 360 isn't a bad system its just Microsoft i cant stand there greedy snobby cunt.

blackbeld1644d ago

I think Microsoft is loosing they're grip of reality. They loosing battle on every front from phones to operating systems. Except for office 2010 great software btw.

In other words Microsoft is run by teenagers with bold heads.

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zeee1643d ago

I think they are right. As entertainment console, 360 has the edge but when it comes to GAMING console, you know, the reason I bought both 360 and PS3, I find Playstation 3 much... MUCH better.

mayberry1643d ago

Sony doesnt showcase the PS3's superior sound output either, imho. True digital optic 7.1 surround sound only on the PS3.

pixelsword1643d ago

The Myans predicted the end of the world December 26, 2012 but with calendar adjustments it's actually February 20, 2013; and they were talking about the end of a certain type fanboy's world.

Let the apoc4ypse begin.

RumbleFish1643d ago

The Mayans didn't see anything coming. Not even the spanish!

EVILDEAD3601643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Heres my honest opinion as someone who loves both my Xbox 360 and my PS3 for entertainment.

Forget the PR stuff as both of em are taking shots at each other.

If you are strictly talking physical entertaimnent SONY wins handsdown for the Blu-ray. Plus I've always been a huge fan of the music player. Throw a CD in and nobody is touching that Earth Screen saver.

If you are talking in the digital space then MS wins handsdown. The content on Live is like 3 times as much. Especially if you are a fan over music, when Xbox music, Last FM, and I heart radio are all great. But when it comes to sheer entertainment apps..My god. It's not even a contest.

Overall, it's all in what you like.

I love the internet now through smart glass, Youtube, The news stations, HBO GO, Gamespot and IGN TV, NBA through Live.

I love the NFL Pass, the 3D movie selection, the alternate way to view my Netflix menu, and I honestly used to be obsessed with the PSN Store.

At the end of the day, it honestly depends on what your system of preference is. If your on Xbox Live every day you tend to grab more content from there and vice versa for the PS3.

But, I'd say if you didn't pay for alot of Blu-Ray movies then MS has a point.

But, I couldn't live without either one.

Next gen will be interesting though.


TheBeastX1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

the Ps3 doesn't have any shooters that have such lighting and animations like halo4, or even as remotely as top selling, and that's a fact! NOTHING!

and the last of us and two souls are coming in way too late, and they look dated anyways. by the time these games come out preorders for new hardware will made, and then they will both be conflicting with their sales.

and for the record the 360 had a way better launch than the vita!!

Moentjers1643d ago

I just want a new GAME console. I have a computer/iPad/even a stereo for radio to have my entertainment. On a GAME console I want to play games. So MS Just call it XMediaBox and STFU.

MaxXAttaxX1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

It streams Netflix in 1080p. It outputs sound in 7.1 optical and HDMI. It plays Blu-ray movies.
But Sony doesn't constantly tout that. They seem to focus more on gaming overall, whereas Microsoft is really heavy on the "entertainment" part. I think they're using the Xbox to infiltrate different markets with minimal focus on gaming.

GribbleGrunger1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Wow, look at all those disagrees. This is really hurting the 360 fanboys in ways I have never seen before. Why? It's just another console.

MysticStrummer1643d ago

I'll be forwarding this story to all my gaming friends who bought 360s, then got rid of them in favor of PS3s. Apparently they aren't included in "everybody".

lol @ all the above disagrees from the 360 fans. Your cover is blown, and I never again want to read any of you claiming that N4G is dominated by PS3 fans. Too funny.

MS really does look desperate with that quote, no matter who in the company said it.

Good times.

Ares84HU1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

People say that n4g is full of Sony fanboys. Look at this shit. This article is a joke. How is the 360 better? When it comes down to which system is better you have to look at the exclusives because that is the only thing that makes the difference. The exclusives on PS3 are far better and there are far more than on the 360. Yet when people point this fact out they get more disagrees than agrees. How many AAA exclusives will the 360 have this year?? I haven't heard of a single one. It's all about kinect and casual play on the 360 for the past two years.

N4G is full of Sony Fanboys???? Look at all the disagrees from 360 fanboys! Far more 360 fans on this site. I don't want Anyone claim that this site is full of sony fanboys after this.

TheRealSpy1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

This is a troll article and the person that chose to make this the headline is a completely POS. Don't you idiots get tired of voicing the same tired opinions about your favorite console? NOBODY cares what you think about 360 or ps3. You can sit there and say "but but psn is free and blah blah."

yeah? good for you. I'm still going to play and enjoy my xbox AND my ps3. GROW UP!

insomnium21643d ago

Like gribble, mystic and ares said this news really proves how much of a PS3 fanboy driven site this is.

Even perfectly sane and truthfull comments get almost 50/50 ratio for agrees.

Look at patterson's and blitz's comment's disagrees. Am I seeing things or did they actually get way more disagrees?

also @ evil

"Forget the PR stuff as both of em are taking shots at each other"

So here we are once again trying hard to make all companies look the same. If Sony lies 2 times and MS lies 10 times then MS is 5 times bigger idiot. You simply cannot run with this "oh they both do it" attitude and expect it to stick. That's BS and you do it ONLY because MS is the one with the most cheap shots. We would never hear the end of it if it was Sony doing it.

JamieL1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@ all the PS3 trolls above, saying "I don't want to hear this is a PS3 fanboy and PS3 ego-petting haven", Yes it is. Did you ever for one second think that these disagrees could have come from anyone who thinks trolls are a joke. Any comment with that number of disagrees is just plain fanboy propaganda, or someone spouting slogans. Every comment that happen to was fanboy garbage plain and simple. This does not "PROVE" anything like what you're claiming, it just proves not everyone wants to hear that trash. The fact they had as many agree's is much more telling.

Elit3Nick1643d ago

@Ares84HU Seriously are you even looking at the other comments? There are a staggering number of sony fanboys who misinterpret Microsoft's statement as "xbox is better than ps3".

1nsaint1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Lol almost everyone that posted here should be voted down for being immature.
Really guys.. You are defending your console like you're getting paid for it.
Both consoles have their flaws but you guys are even disagreeing with cold hard facts just to defend your console.

Just calm ur tits, they're insulting your console, not your mom

Also, for all you saying: just wait untill the 20th
We don't really know what Sony is announcing on the 20 February, but it seems highly likely that it'll announcement its next-gen PS3 successor, presumed to be called the PS4

Nothing is sure yet though.

Gamer19821643d ago

No sony isnt as good as an entertainment console its a better GAMES console though. Sont doesnt care about Hulu and Netflix, it give consumers that as they want them but it gives gamers games first and foremost. The fact MS said this just shows they are completely out of touch with gamers. Even 360 owners cannot deny this. We buy consoles for games first and foremost and if you dont then your just silly as theres a lot cheaper ways to get the same content your 360 offers you and no live needed to use it!

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1644d ago

And here comes the pr bullcrap. It took 4 years for them to stop bashing each other this gen. Now they're back at it. Obviously, MS is feeling threatened by all the buzz that Sony has been getting involving their feb 20th conference.

aceitman1644d ago

the bluray player alone makes it better, and u not having to pay to use the same features the 360 has makes it better.the 360 is good but he ps3 is just better. I have them both its my opinion.u can see it in my profile pick.

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The_Infected1644d ago

What will be funny if MS says Xbox Live is free next gen the 360 fanboys will laugh it up and say no more excuses hahah...but they're the ones that payed an entire generation for Xbox Live right? Lol and not to mention if and I'm saying a "big" if they ever make it free 360 fanboys will brag about it just watch. The way I see it is Xbox Live is no longer the best PS+ is and I bet bext gen with Gaikai support also coming it will blow Xbox Live away. "All over again."