[Twinfinite] Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

The Alien movies are rad. There are scary aliens that look super cool, there are tough marines that have bitchin’ technology, the characters are mostly likable, even if you like to hate them. Kicking back and popping in Aliens is always a good time. Honestly, the Alien franchise has so much that could be utilized to make an amazing game. Most studios that attempt it though have been less than successful, with games ranging from okay to bad. When I first got to experience the multiplayer component of Aliens: Colonial Marines at PAX this year, I became instantly hyped. I thought the multiplayer was fun, intense, and honestly a bit terrifying. With the awesome visuals and excellent sound design, the multiplayer matches had this awesome atmosphere to it. I was counting down the days so I could try out the full game for myself. Now that I have had the time to work through the campaign, I sit here confused, disappointed and probably a little less sane than I was before playing. (Source:

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