January 2013 NPD: Wii U apparently sells only 55,000 units

A new NPD sales figure indicates that the Wii U sold just 55,000 units across the US last month.

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NYC_Gamer1835d ago

Damn,that's crazy..Nintendo better work hard and realize they have to earn the core gamer and touchscreen isn't enough.

JBSleek1835d ago

Gaining the core gamer doesn't equal sales. Casuals are the sells.

Nintendo needs their killer IPs to be the star like Kart,Pikman, Brawl.

Software_Lover1835d ago

Apparently casuals are not the sales because it isn't selling.

BattleAxe1835d ago

Core gamers are the ones who have bought over 70 million PS3s. Core gamers used to buy the 360 until Kinect came out. There is nothing on the WiiU for the core gamer, and Nintendo will not get very far this time around.

TheFallenAngel1835d ago

Core gamers its what gives a good word to another person about the console and the games. Casual just get it because they see on tv. Core sticks with the console thru the thick and thin.

Theyellowflash301835d ago

70 million core gamers did not buy the PS3..... I know tons of "gamers" who bought the PS3 to play Madden and COD every year.

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PeZuS1835d ago

Just a heads up: This is the lowest month for an HD system ever in USA. Yes, that's right, not even PS3 back in 2007, or 360 in 2006 sold less than that in a month. PS3's worst month was over 80k in April 2007, and that was only a 4 week month vs. this January being 5 weeks (PS3: 20k+/week in April 2007, WiiU: 11k/week).

Godchild10201835d ago

The Vita also sold more in it's third month than the Wii U did. I'm not saying it sold more in 3 months, but it sold more in it's third month in the US (April 2012) than the Wii U did in it's third month (January 2013).

This is bad for the first next generation console. Hopefully Next month will be better.

Shnazzyone1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Additional heads up. currently the wiiu is at over 3 million units worldwide in it's first 3 months. This is half of what ps3 sold in it's entire first year and more than half of what 360 sold in it's first year. So at this point wii U is selling faster than both those major consoles did in their first years.

PeZuS1834d ago

@Shnazzyone: You mean shipped...WiiU isn't in high demand and thus it will take a while for the shipments to sell through. They've already dropped their projections once (by 1.5m) and I expect them to not even meet that revised projection (4m from launch to end of March).

Launch month sales are really meaningless when you go on to sell 57k in the next month...(and less in Europe, looking at Nintendo's sales charts).

Gamer19821832d ago

Thing is its only competing against current gen consoles. When next gen comes out sales will drop even more.. I doubt even Nintendo games can save this console now.

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N4g_null1835d ago

I think smash bros will help along with some other games.

For example the new monster hunter lets you play on the wiiu and have 3-4 3ds join you in slaying monsters. Sounds fun to me. Then you got free content coming to various games. Wii fit u is coming out also. Just like the ps3 it is wait and see time.

It would have been nice to see last story and xeno and pan tower on the wiiu instead. W101, is coming along with bayo2. Yet we still don't know what a lot of Nintendo studios are doing.

Another thing to note is the Zelda experience in Nintendo land is almost a full game along with metroid and Pikman(level 19 is pretty cool). Nintendo has a lot to top.

I think people will slowly see the trolling for what it is. I'm not sure what is wrong with Europe though even game stores are closing there.

Alien may get fixed I really hope they are listening to the players. Seriously i think lots of gamers are waiting on the hype trains until they can see what this gen is about. I'm not like the Sony controller rumors. I'm not sure how their tech will enhance movie gaming.

We have the same problem the ps3 had. Real gamers got had alot last gen. So a wait and see approach is needed. Plus not being able to play used games is going to hurt them purchasing power wise possibly.

What is curious is will the ps4 suffer the same faith?

Bronxs151835d ago

at this point, it's almost guaranteed that sony will sell more with the ps4. even if it's more expensive. wii u never had this level of hype that the ps4 has, and the ps4 hasnt even been shown off yet. ps4 pre orders will surpass wii u sales.

N4g_null1835d ago

The ps3 had way beyond the hype of the ps4. Online games sell systems not hype, especially empty hype.

Gamer19821832d ago

Same problem as ps3 had? We have low blu-ray diodes? PS3 sold bad thanks to stock issues in most places. This was because Sony couldn't manufacture the blu-ray diodes fast enough.

yeahokchief1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I gave all of the above comments +1. Lets look strictly at the facts.

1. We all have less money to spend. Everyone this year got a 2% increase in taxes starting January 1st because expiring social security tax relief not to mention more income taxes.

2. Nintendo has admitted that they will have a slow start with games, but they said that they want to start with a steady stream of games over the summer and later this year.

3. The console currently lacks exclusive games for the "core." Yes it has a decent number of games, but they are mostly re-releases.

4. Cores like me are all too excited about games like GTA V or Last of US or the PS4 to care about anything else. I'm having a hard enough time playing through the games I have and there is soo much freaking value with a PS+ subscription. Sony has me HOOKED.

Everyone knows the price will drop further when the PS4 is announced and launched. By that time maybe they'll have games. The question will be if the Wii U will still be relevant at that point compared to the PS4 in terms of power. If the PS4 is truly amazing I may never want to look back.

I think Nintendo really dropped the ball in designing this thing to be more than $300 with a game with a casual market in mind.

If kids and parents were again their audience they shouldn't have made it so expensive. $350 means it's going to be more for the type of people who do gaming as a real hobby yet they did not support those types of people with enough games to warrant purchasing the system.

They need to suck it up and start pushing out nothing but AAA amazing metroid, zelda, donkey kong, star fox,etc games THAT AREN'T GEARED SOLELY AT CHILDREN.


Reduce their price so more parents can buy it for their kids.

You can't have the best of both worlds here Nintendo. Money doesn't grow on trees. There has to be value for somebody. Low sales just means it's not very desirable. So they have to make it more desirable or lower the price.

I totally agree with FallenAngel's comment. I was saying this back when they bastardized WoW. Cores are your repeat customers. When you start messing with the stuff they like, you're going to lose your repeat customers. So when the casual market naturally doesn't stick around, what are you left with?

Good luck Nintendo. Good luck. I suggest firing Fils Aime first before any more across the board paycuts. Get rid of the problem.

Captain Qwark 91835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

"Cores are your repeat customers. When you start messing with the stuff they like, you're going to lose your repeat customers. So when the casual market naturally doesn't stick around, what are you left with?"

nailed it right here. the wii was a fad and nothing more. unfortunately it also wasnt a very good system and put a bad taste in just about every consumer and core gamers mouth. not saying it didnt have a few games that were amazing because it def did but as a whole it was a low quality console and nintendo did nothing but tarnish their name by selling it. yes they made huge profits for a few years but that is pretty much at the cost of their future.

never abandon your true fans for a few extra people on your bandwagon.

hopefully it picks up after their first party games hit the market. i may not be into nintendo anymore but i never want to see the day they go under. unless they joined forces with sony or MS and just did software, they are much better at that than they are hardware.

ChickeyCantor1835d ago


The fallacy of E-rating means "children only". lol

user39158001835d ago

likd I said a month ago, the wiiu its dead.

WitWolfy1835d ago

It sure is... I bought mine back in December with Zombi U... Played it a few times; got bored then decided to buy Super Mario Bros U... Fiance plays that most of the time.

All and all the Wii U isnt living up to what I expected it would be... Its just a EXPENSIVE PS3+ or 360+ console.

Plus the lack of games it has at the moment isnt helping it either...

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HITANDRUN1835d ago

Executives in Japne are finalising their reports and saying we are f, who fault is it? Psst, here is my adviced, kill the wiiu and stop the enbarrasment. and money that comes draining with it. Get the samurai sword and bring US beast, not this garbage last gen console. Im about to burned my wiiu soon. Lol... wait I was smart enough not to buy one.

kneon1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

It's still too early to declare the Wii U dead, but if it does in fact fail hard then possibly the best option for Nintendo is to get out of the home console business and just do handhelds and software for PC's and other consoles.

All those hardcore Nintendo fans will play their games wherever Nintendo makes them available.

BullyMangler1835d ago

ha haa . only 55 thousand units sold ? . if the system has yet to have REAL games on it, how could it sell so low . shame shame shame on nintendo .

Trunkz Jr1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

As much as I am a Nintendo fan, I think many of the casual's have moved to things like Ipods, and other devices. Nintendo is trying to cater to an group back 5 or so years ago, they don't want to lose this group so they try to do a mix of casual/semi powerful when many of these "core" gamers want power in their console and a fair amount are willing to bust of some cash.

While the Wii U is a great machine for Nintendo fans, they aren't going to be stealing many PS/Xbox fans over.

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LOL_WUT1835d ago

A price cut is imminent

KrisButtar1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I believe the ps3 in it's 1st yr, it's lowest month was 80k in the USA. This doesn't look good

konnerbllb1835d ago

not a nintendo fan but I'd like to point out wiiu hasn't been on the market for 12 months.

KrisButtar1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

it was the 6th month after the ps3s release when it dropped to 82k

which it shows in the link

Darth Stewie1835d ago

Wow and the PS3's lowest sku cost $499 while the Wii U's lowest sku is $299.

N4g_null1835d ago

What if the ps4 sales are even belowe these wiiu numbers? Some thing is going on with this market. The hype and baiting was too much last gen possibly. It should have been gaming best years but many games last gen where barely playable. Lots of talent was lost also.

We may need a crash to purge the trolls.

KrisButtar1835d ago

I think if the ps4 sales are looking like this, MS likely won't release a new system, also I see terrible Wii U commercials, makes the gamepad look like an add-on... NOT a new system. We did lose some good studios last gen, hoping we won't lose more. I don't think we need a crash though, as I have played some great games, batman AA/AC, red dead, darksiders, dishonored, dark souls,etc

N4g_null1834d ago

I'm really curious to see how the other two sell. It's weird how so much praise comes from the Internet for Sonys moves and then no one buys hardly any thing.

The move was like that. Oh it's better but no one bought it. The kart racers oh it's better but no one bought it. The smash bro clone oh it's better but no one bought it! The vita oh it's better but on one bought it. I see a trend happening here. The hype is not keeping up with the sales. There is a disconnect here. The trolls and analyst along with a weak media presents might be causing problems. That disconnect is dangerious if you bet to big. Arrogance or greed are the reason for most shut downs.

Hopfully the next Sony system is affordable. Please spare me the I can't afford it ok because I can easily spend 2-6k just on gaming etc since that is what my next pc will cost. There are not many gamers that can afford the high end price just case nvidia.

What happens when game mechanics no longer matter and it is all about looks?

I guess we will see. Luckily there are better communities to talk with real gamers.

Jek_Porkins1835d ago

If this is to be believed it is not good news, I just don't see how a new console could do that poor, unless it's a precursor to the next generation and the economy just doesn't support or warrant new consoles just yet...ouch.

NYC_Gamer1835d ago

It's about software and that is what the Wii-U really lacks at the moment..

ozstar1835d ago

Nope, its marketing plain and simple.

Nintendo needs to re-think how it should market itself against MS + Sony in US and EU.

kneon1835d ago

What can they do to fix the marketing? The core Nintendo fans will have bought it and will continue no matter what.

For the rest of the core gamers there's just not much point to the Wii U, sightly better graphics than the console you already have and ports of games that we've already played. Wii U exclusives outside of the traditional Nintendo franchises are few and mostly uninteresting compared to what other systems have to offer.

The casuals either don't care any more or are happy with what they have, what's new and compelling for them? I don't see anything to get this crowd buying in numbers again.

Software_Lover1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Those are my thoughts. Microsoft and Sony need to think about a major price drop on the ps3 and 360 and just hold out for a while. Holidays 2014 isn't a bad idea in my book

konnerbllb1835d ago

It would be good for them yes but it wouldn't be good for the industry. The industry is ready for change, the next big thing. We need next gen to push the publishers to release more ip and take more chances.

Sarcasm1835d ago

^Also to add that the current crop of consoles is also stagnating PC gaming. A mid range GPU can basically net 60fps+ maxed detail on most of the games from today to 3 years ago.

Hopefully once the new consoles come out, we'll see higher quality PC ports and of course higher quality PS4/XB720 games.

lilbroRx1835d ago

It has not games, nothing more nothing less. People will buy the console when it has something they wan to play. Until then, why would anyone be interested?

Its not complex but lot of people want to make it out to be much more than it is.

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