PS Meeting 2013 Expectations: PS4 With a Large Dose of Vita

GXC: "Gamers worldwide have marked their calendars for next week, February 20, 2013. This is the date we are all eagerly anticipating – The day of PlayStation Meeting 2013. No doubt we all expect the next-gen Sony system to be unveiled at the meeting. Rumors for the PS4 have been swirling for a few years and are intensifying as we get closer to the date. Although I too expect the PS4 to be unveiled next week, I have this gut feeling that there will be a bit more to the program than that."

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remanutd551890d ago

I really hope this guy is right, im expecting to see lots of new psvita game announcements, Gaikai and of course ps4 reveal.

ThatMiamiGuy1890d ago

The Vita has so much potential. I really hope they show some big stuff for it.

ChickenMan341889d ago

just sold my vita im a sony fan but the vita is crap the games suck and it has no functionality with the ps3 and i know sony will just let the vita die than try again in a few years the same thing happened with the psp its just sad cuz the vita cud have been good but its basically a shitty tablet with joy sticks sorry sony but major fail on the vita lets hope ps4 isnt like the vita

dboi7871890d ago

I honestly think the PS4 and Vita are going to be really interconnected, so this would not surprise me one bit.

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Drainage1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

1. Talk about Playstation brand, PS1,Ps2 (10 minutes)
2. Segway to Ps3 and its continuing support, PSN growing, etc(10 minutes)
3. Vita (10 minutes)
4. PlayStation 4 speech (5 minutes)
5 Playstation 4 trailer with games ( 2 minutes)
6. Shows the console + base features (10 min)
7. Shows trailers for 3 games.
9. End speech : more in the coming months aka E3 (for price, release date, skus, specs, game info, etc)

this reveal will be boring and not much new until E3