Review: Real Racing 3 (iPad), where microtransactions nearly ruin brilliance | Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded writes: "I am really disappointed with Real Racing 3. That disappointment has nothing to do with the game itself, which is one of the finest racing games I’ve ever played, let alone on a mobile device, but it’s a game that is nearly crippled by an awkward free-to-play model which actively encourages players not to race."

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Jdoki1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

As soon as I heard this game was going to have micro-transactions I knew it would just frustrate and annoy.

To get one the best cars in the game 'free' would require hundreds and hundreds of hours of play (it costs 800 gold). Gold is given out rarely and only in tiny amounts. To buy the car outright using an IAP it costs... wait for it.... nearly £70 / $100

And that's just one. There are others for 400Gold.

It is unjustifiable to expect people to pay that sort of money for a mobile application. To buy GT5 or Forza costs less than buying a single top end car in Real Racing 3. And the DLC for those games is more than reasonably priced in comparison.

It could be argued that there is enough of a game there to allow people to play and never have to spend any real money at all. But I think this misses the point, and shows a terrible trend towards milking customers for every penny.

This feels like the 'Horse armour' saga all over again!

This game is a quality title - and in reality it was worth far more than the usual price mobile games go for. I would have happily have downloaded a demo, and paid to unlock an amateur mode for £5 which would give low end cars, and a professional mode for an additional £10 which unlocked the best cars and advanced features.

Considering that the devs will probably ALSO release DLC for this over time, the cost of owning Real Racing 3 could potentially be huge if people get sucked in.

What a shame, and how horribly greedy.

EDIT: Surely this also defines a 'pay to win' situation - as the game supports multiplayer. The person who unlocks the best car is likely going to have an advantage.