US game sales climb 9% in 5-week January period

After an abysmal 2012 for video games retail, US game sales in January were perhaps slightly more encouraging (depending on your viewpoint), as total industry sales climbed nine percent to $834.7 million. The news is tempered somewhat by the fact that January was a five-week reporting period for The NPD Group.

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Dlacy13g1921d ago

Dear lord if the numbers from Neogaf are to be believed the WiiU did only 55k units in a 5 week period. If that doesn't sound good to you...its because its horrible.

CalvinKlein1921d ago

how much did the VITA do? I hope its doing better than the wiiU at least.

PeZuS1921d ago

35k. But this is WiiU's third month we're talking about and first non-holiday month. Vita did more last April (its third month) in 4 weeks than WiiU did now in 5.

Jek_Porkins1921d ago

It is good news that sales climbed, but if Wii U numbers are to be believed....ouch.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1921d ago

Over 2 Years in a row of Xbox 360 dominance in the USA. Impressive.

Captain Tuttle1921d ago

WiiU is a bomb, Vita is a likely one too.