The Mythology of God of War: Ascension

Gi - With the upcoming God of War: Ascension, everyone’s favorite angry spartan will be tearing Greece a mythological new one for the sixth time (seventh if counting the cell phone game). After five (or six) bloody, vengeful rampages across age-old Hellas in which Kratos killed most of the major Olympian gods, titans, and monsters; how much more is left to tear apart in glorious quicktime events? Thankfully, the developers have released a great deal of information on God of War: Ascension’s mythological creatures, granting fertile ground for speculation. Newcomers to the series be wary, for there are spoilers here.

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Krypto1863d ago

March 12th is taking to long, I can't wait!

panbit861863d ago

Greek mythology is so rich and intricate that if they want they can keep making games for years to come!

Tontus1863d ago

This brilliant article has me even more hyped for God of War: Ascension! And I love the idea of Kratos versus the primordials in God of War IV!