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Wii U's Most Wanted: Criterion returns to Nintendo hardware with enhanced Need for Speed

EuroGamer - Whatever you may be expecting from the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, we're willing to bet that Criterion is going to surprise you. The company hasn't shipped a game on Nintendo hardware since the enhanced conversion of Burnout 2: Point of Impact over a decade ago, and the studio has a point to prove. (Criterion, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   967d ago
Haven't played a Need For Speed game in quite a while. May check this one out if it really is the definitive console version. Good on Criterion for putting some real effort into the graphics for this version.
sloth3395  +   967d ago
I didn't like how cops weren't online
Starfox17  +   967d ago
Well u can see it's the definitive version just by looking the ps3 version looks cheap in comparison and if you listen they say its a noticeable upgrade.
FriedGoat  +   967d ago
The PC version says hello.
Conan-O-Brady  +   966d ago
Let's see which version sells more.....just for the lulz.......and becuz u felt so insecure u had to bring up the ps3 version....but mostly 4 the lulz.
morkendo23  +   967d ago
Will you editors PLZ!!!! tell the truth for heaven sake. criterion games has not made a racing game for NINTENDO over a decade (business side of view) becuz nintendo did not CONTRACT out criterion services to make a racing game as EA has... Doh'O
in order for any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! game to be made they first need to be contract out from said company. no developers make games without said company in Negotciation first. why do articles lie sooo freakin much daily?? ehhhhh, keep the public confused perhaps??

as MOSTWANTED turn out on ps3 i dont think i would be buying wii-U version one bit. criterion need to stick with BURNOUT and give another Developer NFS tool kit who is seriously passionate about NFS and try not to blend another racing genre into it. online gaming only with auto-log was a grand mistake who thought of that SH'T??. bring back 2 player offline mode you and your buddy krack open can of beer and duel it out old fashion way.
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DivineAssault  +   967d ago
So your going to get a game (from a series u havent played in a while) just because it looks better w some added modes?

What happened man? I thought graphics didnt matter
Yodagamer  +   967d ago
I don't see how he implied that. He said he was interested and was praising criterion for their effort. As he said himself he hasn't played a NFS game in a while and he might start with this version.
lilbroRx  +   966d ago
No one here has said that graphics suddenly matter. They still don't. They praising "effort".

Also, Nintendo isn't filled with rabid territorial fanboys like your sect.

If a game is, good they buy it. How many iterations the game has had on other consoles means nothing. This is the same with Bayonetta 2.

Also, why do you assume that Nintendo fans haven't played it in a while? There were a quite a few decent ones on the Wii and Nintendo fans don't just cling to their console and try to dump on all of the other ones to when they feel sad. Most of them also have other gaming machines, including the PC.

The Wii U version of this actually offers stuff you can't get on the PC and for those who don't have the most modern PC, they now have no need to upgrade for this game.
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PopRocks359  +   966d ago

Do you get tired of trolling the same articles over and over?

I never said I was getting the game by virtue of the graphics. I said it caught my eye because Criterion put solid effort into this version and did what any developer should do and take advantage of the hardware.

I generally don't buy PC games unless there's a very good reason for it (such as when I got every Oddworld game for $10), so in this instance I may try the game out given it apparently runs best on Wii U out of all of the consoles.
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NukaCola  +   967d ago
This game is really good. I played it for PS3 a bit but I really heard great things about it for the Vita, so I went with that in the end and bought it. This is the best handheld racer(Vita Version) I have ever played. I love this game so much. So regardless what you want to play it on..PS3/Vita/360 and now the Wii U, this is a really good game.
aceitman  +   967d ago
This is the other problem with the wii u that I have in my opinion , good that its coming out for the wiiu owners that don't have the game. But I have the game for the ps3 ,and I'm not going to buy it again , it's not like it's a he'd remake from last gen or before, it came out not that long ago, that was one of there mistakes at launch . Hell y pay 60$ for something that I can get used for 20$ .thats not that big of change in game play. Just a little better graphics change .
DivineAssault  +   966d ago
Whos trolling jr? I simply made a comment about your sudden interest.. Im a nintendo fan too ya know.. I just dont agree with all that they do ALL the time.. I like hearing good news like this game getting proper treatment.. It doesnt mean ima all of a sudden go get the game & play it but if this continues with games i do like, i wouldnt mind getting them on wii u.. Ya, i do have one.. Even went the extra mile to get the black 32GB for the extra $50.. Bought NSMBU as well just havent played it beyond the 3rd level or anything else on the system cuz the prices are too high.. No im not cheap, i just choose to give my hard earned money to devs who deserve it.. Criterion does if i liked racers..
3rdDimension  +   967d ago
Now we'll see if this article attracts the attention of all those bashing Wii U.

So far I hear crickets chirping.
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mcstorm  +   967d ago
I agree. I am also impressed how this looks on the WiiU as well. I got this game for the PSV and love the game but this looks a lot like the PC version of the game.

If I did not have this game for the PSV I would of got it on my WiiU. Its nice to see developers take advantage of the WiiU even if it means the game is released later than the other console versions.
ABizzel1  +   967d ago

I guess I'll bite.

First of all I've never bashed the Wii-U. That being said I have problems with some of the decisions Nintendo has made with the Wii-U, specifically the CPU and slow RAM.

There's no arguing it, the Wii-U is a more graphically capable console than the PS360 because those console have GPU's from 2005 (DX9 I believe) and the Wii-U's 4650 / 4670 GPU is from 2008 (DX10), and as you would expect it's a better GPU.

On top of that the Wii-U has 2GB of RAM vs the PS360's 512MB, which gives developers more high resolution textures to use.

The problem I think a lot of people are having with the Wii-U, both just and unjust is the fact that while it's a step up, it's not so far ahead that it makes PS360 games look bad. You'll notice Wii-U games look better, but it's not a leap, and after hearing so many rumors about what's in the PS4 and X1080 they'll make the Wii-U look like Wii HD emulator vs PS360.

I don't think the Wii-U is a bad console for what it is. I hate that Nintendo keeps using that horrible Gamecube CPU which is now going on 14 years old, and the reason behind the long load times, and inferior AI. But overall the Wii-U looks like one of the best consoles from Nintendo since the N64, with the promise of 3rd party backing Nintendo somewhat again.
delboy  +   967d ago
Who cares about hardware stuff?!
What matters is that wiiu puts better looking graphics on the TV compared to last gen.
SkullBlade169  +   967d ago
Lol "Who cares about hardware stuff?!"

Continues to call Wii-U's hardware superior to the PS3/360...
lilbroRx  +   966d ago
Slow RAM has been ruled out by proffesionals, with the most recent reasoning being because of this very game. If the RAM were slow then enhancing the graphic over the other versions like that would be impossible. Also, all Wii U ports have faster load times than their 360/PS3 counterparts which also rules out the RAM being slow.

The same with the CPU, also because of the same professionals and the guy who actually uncovered the clock speeds. Also, this dev states clearly that the Wii U's CPU "hits far above its weight".

Having a low clock speed doesn't equal "slow" and hasn't for over a decade. Stop trying to use tech in your argument when you don't even understand how it works.

Low clock means low power consumption, not low speed. How fast RAM, CPUs and GPUs are depends on their architecture and primarily on their architecture and components.

Before this gen my computer had an Nvidia 260 GTX. Now I have Nvidia 560 TI. It has a lower clock speed than the 260 GTX and it completely demolishes my 260 in all around performance without even getting into DX11 vs DX10 improvements.
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fossilfern  +   966d ago
Someone on the article made a good point in regards to the CPU in the WiiU. The WiiUs CPU is an Out of Order execution Tri core while the Wiis is an in-order chip. I don't believe there is any way to actually "transform" an In-Order to an Out-of-Order. its safe to say that the PS4 and NextBox will have the processing power advantage but the WiiU is no slouch.

Edit: The comment was by Mr.Spo.
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ABizzel1  +   966d ago

Could you please point out the source where developers claim the Wii-U's RAM isn't slow? I know the Wii-U had dedicated eDRAM to aid the CPU and supposedly some for the GPU, but nowhere I have seen any reports that claim the 2GB of shared RAM of being "ruled out by professionals" of not being slow.

Regardless if the RAM is slow or not, the Wii-U has 4x as much RAM as the PS360 so it's going to be able to do more. SLow RAm only affects how quickly the console pulls from the areas it needs.

Where are you getting into all this BS about clock speeds? Where in my post did I claim clock speeds were the reason the Wii-U was slow?

Clock speeds are only important when the architectures are the same, and unfortunately for the Wii-U Nintendo has chosen to go with archaic tech. And no a difference in clock speeds, does affect performance, hence the reason "PC gamers overclock, you should know that being a "PC Gamer".

Wii U's CPU "hits far above its weigh". That doesn't translate into being a good, decent, or even modest CPU. At this point in time the Wii-U CPU is a bottom end CPU. The CPU is based on the Broadway Processor (Wii 2006), which is based on the Gekko Processor (GameCube 2001), which is based on PowerPC 750 (1997). The Wii-U's CPU was mediocre back in 2006, but now in 2013 it's ancient.


The Wii-U is based on the Broadway and Gekko technology (Wii / GameCube), but it isn't jut 3 Wii processors glued together. Nintendo and IBM made tweaks to the CPU such as OOE, overclocking, eDRAM to enable to CPU to function well above what simply combining 3 Wii CPU's together like many think. But it's still not a good CPU when compared to the PS360.
a_adji  +   967d ago
No hater noise here. I think the critics have been silenced because there is no argument anymore.

what they will say is "yeah but no but yeah but wait for the 720 or ps4" however, from the first few years you will be barley able to tell the difference.

Sad state when you just can't enjoy a machine and it's games that it comes to this.
3rdDimension  +   966d ago
Agreed. And so far this article has not bubbled up to the top.

If the developers said the Wii U was basically weak, this article would be of fire now like the rest.

The haters can all go stuff themselves.
kingPoS  +   967d ago
RC car's it is.

I'm not sure how you would properly accelerate or brake in Most Wanted. That is unless of course,... you favor using the second analog stick.
Nevers0ft  +   966d ago
I'm fine with digital accelerators for an arcade-style racer... I'll only have two speeds: Foot-to-the-floor and "crashed". I've always found it easier to drift in racing games using digital controls and generally I can throw the car around better. If it was a simulation game though I can see your point.

... So you get a bubble up and a disagree, I'm so conflicted :D
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RFornillos4  +   967d ago
the best statement from Criterion's technical director, Idries Hamadi:

"The Wii U has had a bit of a bad rap - people have said it's not as powerful as 360, this, that and the other. That, by and large, has been based on apples to oranges comparisons that don't really hold water. Hopefully we'll go some way to proving that wrong,"
dcbronco  +   966d ago
To me this is an example of why you don't judge a machine based on the parts and what they are believed to be capable of. Consoles don't have off the shelf parts anymore. They are heavily modified. So while I still say the Wii U will be greatly outpaced by the PS4 and 720, no one knows which of the other two will be the most powerful. On paper, the rumors say the PS4. But the 720 will most likely be the most heavily modified of the two. When it's all said and done, I believe the 720 will be the most powerful next generation console.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   966d ago
Absolutely true.

More people on this site need to understand that.

I blame the media for writing articles per-maturly because they don't understand this themselves, which then feed the ignorant false information where they then spread the mis-information on sites like N4G when they themselves don't understand what they are saying.
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Jek_Porkins  +   966d ago
I might actually check this out, I didn't buy the game on Xbox 360 because I bought Forza Horizon instead, but if the Wii U is getting the definitive version I'll have to give it a whirl. There hasn't been a ton releasing lately anyway, so what the heck?
YoungPlex  +   966d ago
I've always thought that Criterion was one of the better developers because they always cared about their Burnout games, but when EA bought them, I was afraid that they were going to lose their talent. I'm happy to see that this was not the case and that Criterion is still on top of their sh*t! I will be picking this up day one and support any and all developers, that are able to produce quality games and take the time to actually work instead of making a vanilla port with ZERO enhancements. Great job Criterion, you have earned my money...

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