Xbox 360 sells 281,000 in US during January

The console continues its dominance in the US market

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Urusernamesucks1834d ago

I should of gotten that gloss model xbox instead of the plastic one :(

dubt721834d ago

Trust me, the glossy one collects a lot more dust. i switched from a 250gb glossy model to a 4gb matte and switched the hard drive. Glad I did.

EVILDEAD3601834d ago

Love the the glossy..


user39158001834d ago

As much I hate to admited, Xbox 360 is king in USA and UK, makes me wonder whats the rest of the world its thinking> Then I come down back to earth and said "its all about the offering in the usa and uk territories, they are second to none". With excitement I give an alleluya to Sony for coming out of the hole and established its gaming division worldwide. while Wii as a tiny console with casual in mind did its upmost, people has outgrown their pace and now WII-U will be mortalised as the Dreancast/virtual gamboy/ jaguar/ 3do of this generation. All hail for quality games, viva 360 USA, viva sony worldwide, and yes, I will admire you wiiu from a far away corner of my mind.

CalvinKlein1834d ago

ahah more like VIVA SONY going bankrupt and the VITA is flopping worse then teh Dreamcast.

Cocozero1834d ago

Soon the 360 will be No. 1 in the US and UK beating the Wii.

Second generation and MS are on top, next gen will be interesting.

animegamingnerd1834d ago

doubt since the PS3 is close behind and it could take another year to reach the wii's number

stage881834d ago

Not the UK buddy.
UK is part of Europe and Sony hold their dominance there and of course, Japan and Austrailia.

fr0sty1834d ago

PS3 continues to outsell worldwide and already has outshipped 360, so I wouldn't say "second gen and MS are on top", when such a statement is only localized to 2 markets vs. the entire globe.

BattleAxe1834d ago

I just can't figure out why it is selling so well in the USA. Kinect is the only reason I can think of, because its a console that doesn't have much going for it.

Riderz13371834d ago

Lol they are on top in 2 territories but Global...They will be in dead last place, again.

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AngelicIceDiamond1834d ago

As usual. That should continue on for the rest of the year.

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Reborn1834d ago

Ohhh, here it goesssssss!

Time to debate numbers, instead of being happy we have games to play, all around.

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