Ten Characters That Should Be in Super Smash Bros U/3DS.

Here are our picks for ten characters that should be included in the next Smash Bros games.

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Snookies121895d ago

I hope Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening is in there... I really like him as a character.

3-4-51894d ago

* Chrom - FE:Awakening

* Lon'Qu - FE: Awakening

* Tales of Character

* Dragon Quest Hero

* SNES era Final Fantasy Character

* Andy - Advance Wars 1&2

Snookies121894d ago

Hey... We all know Lon'Qu is badass, but we also know he'd have no chance of getting in since he's not the main character. XD

Personally, I'd like Lucina to be in the most, but that's a stretch too.

parkerpeters1894d ago

Lon'Qu confirmed for OP broken fighter that crits Gigabowser in 1 hit.

Samus HD1894d ago

or the Villain - the one with an AXE

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1895d ago

Dark Samus
Midna +Wolf Link
A Metroid

TongkatAli1895d ago

More Fire Emblem characters, females please.

Kevlar0091895d ago

Need a rep from Golden Sun and Tales of Symphonia

TongkatAli1895d ago

Terra from FF VI would make me nut.

Kevlar0091895d ago

Just about any rep from a Final Fantasy game would be awesome. Nintendo has played host to the first half of FF's history, and I really enjoyed having Snake in Brawl (born from Kojima's desire to have Snake in Smash Bros).

If the next Smash Bros did get a FF character, It would be safe to assume it would be Cloud (I don't play FF so my pool of characters is limited). Would be nice to see a third party get a rep

WPX1894d ago

As nice as Terra or Cloud sound(Cloud could/should be in PSA since his first appearance was on PSX), Kefka would be a lot more convincing IMHO.

Killzoner991895d ago

Too bad you'll never get epic characters like Kratos and Nathan Drake. This games going to flop hard , nobody has a WiiU.

Asthenos1895d ago

Oh because PS All-Stars did sooooo well /s. SSB is a huge system seller for Nintendo and it might be one of the games that will help WiiU sales out, I might even have to pick one up. Not to mention the already huge install base for the 3DS version. But judging by your username, I wouldn't expect a PS fan boy to understand, so go back to playing on your "flop" of a handheld and on your "flop" of a game.

trenso11895d ago

i would buy a wii U just for the new smash bros ive had a ps3 since launch and have yet to buy all stars even after playing at so many events

BlackWolf1894d ago

You do understand that these series have triumphed without those characters? That they are not needed there? Playstation is what it is, and Nintendo is what is.

And frankly, how can you ignore the fact that Smash is a system seller? There are people out there that only need this game to buy a Wii U.

Please, before spouting, think well what you're going to say. Although I don't think you do, as you're already down to one bubble.

Snookies121894d ago

Agreed, Smash will do just fine as it always has. I enjoy PS All Stars quite a bit, though it's a different game from Smash despite what people seem to think based on looks alone. Personally, I'll be happy with owning both. :]

kirbyu1894d ago

I have a Wii U. And could someone explain to me what's so bad about it. Other than the unusual controller, the bad (if that's your opinion on it) game library, and the minor problems that are being resolved soon, what is so bad about it?

SonyNGP1894d ago

Eww keep Kratos and his nooby spam attacks away from Smash Bros.

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