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Ace Combat had a special place in my childhood, and Ace Combat 3 one of my favorite games from the original PlayStation. I honestly do not remember whether or not it is a good game, not the game since that time and the time was not very critical. I do not remember the story well, but liked airplanes and frantic action and lack of realism made me stay put. Technology jet flying over a city, triggering dozens of missiles into a dive and maneuvers during dogfights make Ace Combat Aerial one of the most successful trainers of all time. The reality is much more boring than the virtual and can not believe that flying a plane is not as minimally Ace Combat makes you believe in, but personally I think it should be, was far more spectacular. Ace Combat takes shape with names of the real world but paints them on top of a reality far more interesting. The last of the series, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon landed on the PC in this way Enhanced Edition. With a new cinematic presentation and aircraft that are not jet Assault Horizon tries to do something new with an old formula, but keeping this fantasy alive.

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