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Nerdluster: There's a deep narrative waiting just below the surface of Kentucky Route Zero. Conway is a great litmus test to see how players interact with the citizens of this quiet township as he tries to find directions. Each scene is filled with hidden emotion, each character has a past that is begging to be dredged up but it's up to you whether you'll push Conway to question that past.

The secondary characters are also much more important in this story as they each have a figurative piece to the puzzle that defines Conway's character - more than other games, especially indie titles. I often felt while playing that I could hear the gas station attendant or Marquez's voices as their text rolled slowly across the screen. Considering there's no voice acting the players own inner voice gives an added sense of realism to each character you encounter.

KRZ is amazingly beautiful. It's cliche to say but you can almost cut the atmosphere with a knife. It's barely even begun and already it's one of the most rewarding gameplay experiences I've had yet this year. I can't wait for Act II, already bought the entire pack. It might be awhile before Jake Elliott & Tamas Kemenczy publish the next chapter though.

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