AngryJoe- Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

Angry Joe battles Xenomorphs and The Corporation while reviewing a game hes been waiting 6 long years for! An extension and canon sequel one of this favorite sci-fi films of all time, can the game live up to the hype? Or should it be nuked from orbit? Find out.

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animegamingnerd1925d ago

i feel so bad for joe especially the fact he made a video on the top 10 reasons why he was looking forward to this game

ThanatosDMC1925d ago

Yeah, he was so damn excited about this game. Probably a lot of people actually. His videos are awesome and funny.

Neixus1925d ago

when joe gives it a 4/10, you know it's a bad game

0pie1925d ago

hahah if im right, i think he did a video like 10 reasons why alien will be awesome.

animegamingnerd1925d ago

yeah he did make that video a week before this game came out

RankFTW1925d ago

I love Joe, watched all his videos and he is funny and passionate as hell.

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