Single? Don’t Worry; Most of Gaming’s Great Characters are too

Happy Valentine’s Day from the staff! For all you gamers out there with a significant other, we hope your day is filled with a lot of love; for all you single gamers out there, don’t worry you’re not alone. While sitting back and looking at the gaming industry we came to realize there are a few categories some of our favorite video game hero’s fall in when it comes to relationship. After some critical thinking, we have come to realize most characters out there will be more likely spending this day of love and relationship alone.

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TheSuperior 1862d ago

Brock= Icon for the must keep trying to get her attention sort of guy lol What a joke x)

ApolloTheBoss1862d ago

Anyone remember that episode where there was this girl who was basically a female Brock and she kept hitting on him and he suddenly had a "not sure if gusta" reaction about it? That just shows he just got high from being rejected all the time lol.

NastyLeftHook01862d ago

its good to be single! i hateed everyday of

this is that is this is that is..omg this is that is this is do this do that do this!! it fdrove me crazy!!!! and screw valentines! im getting blazed.

linkkjm1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I think Mario was friend zoned a long time ago... He just looks like an idiot now, trying to save Peach.

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The story is too old to be commented.