ASTRO Gaming Announces Special Edition Metal Gear: Revengeance A30 & A40 Headsets

ASTRO Gaming Partners with Konami and Kojima Productions for Special Edition Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance™ A30 and A40 Headsets

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alexcosborn2100d ago

Hey astro, I'd love to review a pair :D

BiggCMan2100d ago

Astro is badass man, really awesome. Would be nice to see some new skins for the A50 start rolling out soon though. Have you guys gotten a chance to use the A50? It's [email protected]#$%^g amazing!! It's like having a movie theater on top of my head, I love this thing.

KONAAs2100d ago

A50 whont have skins ever, u cant remove the covers, but they are awsome,

KONAAs2100d ago

btw skullcandy bought astro last year, hope it dosnt go down in quality

RyuX192100d ago

That looks awesome. I love the Maverick PMSC logo on the side.

MooseWI2100d ago

Love my Astros, stood up for years. Like a tank. Can be glitchy though..

DarthJay2100d ago

I just bought the A50's and I absolutely love them.

Steadyhndz2100d ago

Astros are 2 things...overrated and over priced. You can get just as good quality headphones for literally half the price. They're a great headset, I'll clarify that, and I like them.

SonyAddict2099d ago

I will clarify that to..I have an a40 and an a30 wireless and they are worth every single penny!.

Steadyhndz2099d ago

To you they may be, but for someone like myself who has used many other headsets I would say that Astros in my ranking at right around 3 or 4...and everything ahead of it is cheaper. There is only 1 headset I'd pay $250-$300 for but unfortunately they don't make them anymore...the original Icemat Siberia.

Not because of their quality (which I only rank a 7/10), not because of the features (which is only a 5/10 because it isn't much) but because they are the most comfortable headset (unless you wear glasses) and they last many years. I'm wearing mine right now, bought in 2005 or 2006 and still going strong. The microphone still works perfectly as well.

Most people with Astros have problems after a couple years, are glitchy on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and there is no decent warranty for them (to my knowledge)

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