Photos from Metal Gear Rising promotion event in Japan

Konami is collaborating with Japanese game stores to give people the oppertunity to play Metal Gear Rising and obtain some goodies while they're at it. Below are some photos from the Twitter accounts of Yuji Korekado, Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima.

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Donnieboi1954d ago

Meh, when is the Ground Zeroes event again? Can't wait for GDC 2013.

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Allsystemgamer1954d ago

Uh.....of course it's getting more's a week from release.....GZ doesn't have a date yet. Why promote something more than an upcoming release?

Nyxus1954d ago

@ Donnieboi: Rising is getting more attention now because that game is about to come out. It's logical it's in the spotlight right now. But Ground Zeroes will be featured at GDC in March.

Clover9041954d ago

Thank you Nyxus. Reading Donnieboi's post made my head hurt. I wonder if he questions Kojima's love for MGS because he's been touring the globe promoting Rising! *gasps*

ShaunCameron1954d ago

Ah. The only place where MGR:R is a console exclusive. The PS3, that is.