The top 10 best PlayStation 4 logo concepts

What will the logo for the next PlayStation look like? Here's a few fun ideas by designers from around the world!

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NastyLeftHook01921d ago

use the matrix backround with michio kaku advertising the ps4, saying it defies even quantom mechanics.

Donnieboi1921d ago

I like slide #4 the most. It's simple, eyt cool, and uses the same colors used for the shapes/buttons on the ps controllers. keeps a theme.

guitarded771921d ago

I thought they all looked pretty amateur. Sony just needs to replace the 3 with a 4 and their job is done. Although, they may do a redesign to brand it and eliminate any confusion to potential buyers. I mean, there is still confusion among the general public about Wii U being completely independent of Wii.

Sadie21001921d ago

The one pictured on this page is ridiculous!

Tolkoto1921d ago

Just anything but Spider-Man font.

ANIALATOR1361921d ago

actually I liked it. It seems unoriginal now though

uuaschbaer1921d ago

this one:

Very Paul-Rand-like, too bad it doesn't really work in black and white.

delicia1921d ago

This is nice, way better than the ones in the article. Only ones I slightly cared about were #6 and #8.

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The story is too old to be commented.