Square Enix wasted a console generation, but it's not too late for redemption

PSU writes:

"For Japanese RPG veterans Square Enix, this console generation has been utterly divisive. To use a word as noncommittal as "divisive" feels like I'm selling the legendary developer short, but it's absolutely true. Final Fantasy XIII was a hold-your-hand romp through a confusing plot with unlikable characters. Final Fantasy XIII-2 gave players more creative reign but saddled them with a plot one reviewer called "borderline insulting." While the studio trudges onward with yet another installment in this ham-fisted narrative arc, a vocal majority of Square fans young and old cry out for change.

Between false hopes raised, never-ending development cycles, and frustrating silences, this is not the Square we once knew."

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TheLyonKing1829d ago

They did waste it because they are stuck in a classic Japanese idology just like polyphony digital were it has to be perfect. That isn't a bad thing it's just they show things to early.

The risks SE took with 7 had long lasting affects which paid off but fans are starting to get tired. I am still holding out for a spark of true SE again in the form of kh and versus.

Wads really needs to get the bull under control and listen to fans e.g localizations of type 0.

More staff devoted on versus and less attempts at quick money making games e.g lightening returns.

Donnieboi1829d ago

I don't know why people think Square will suddenly get better with time....Square sucked this gen because many of the heads of the company left. Expecting THIS current Square to improve, is like expecting Activision or some other unrelated company to make a great Final Fantasy. The new Square is not the same company/employees as the old square. THAT is why they struggle. I'm not saying they are entirely talentless: but I think that they struggle too hard to copy the old ways, yet don't understand what made those games great.

As for me, I've accepted this. So I follow Atlus, NIS, Level 5, Xseed, etc. Many of which are made up of legends from the JRPG genre. Final Fantasy is just a name now, like Resident Evil (another team void of it's original founding members).

Persona, The Last Story, Shin Megami Tensei, Ni No Kuni, etc are the future. If u think Final Fantasy (under the current Square/Enix) is still the future, then you've not played the above mentioned JRPG's which revolutionized the genre, while still staying true to old school, turn based combat.

Square/Enix has a lot of firing/re-hiring to do before things improve.

TheLyonKing1829d ago

I think people will think they will get better because it is human nature to wanting the best out of something.

Plus they have talented people just poor choices mainly through their upper staff e.g wada and other big wigs like directors. There base staff are very talented at what they do and don't deserve to be laid of through other people's faults.

wishingW3L1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

the only person at Square with a bit of talent is Nomura and he hasn't made a single current-gen game, he has only been doing art and "supposedly" working on the vaporware FFvs.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1829d ago

They even wasted opportunity to make a good pc/ps3 mmo.

user39158001829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Square suck because they dont have, the father of rpg, hes gone and so, square its left out with garbage, new people in charge with hardly any jrpg talent. Square suck.

Oh_Yeah1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Square Enix was never that great of a dev team to begin with, what your all thinking of is SQUARESOFT. Most of the devs from soft have left...Enix is its shell.

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NastyLeftHook01829d ago

i hope the next final fantasy game isnt about some kid who drives a chevy smokes camels listens to heavy metal eats mcdonalds burgers, is 240 pounds has curly hair, has a low iq, has stains on his shirt and loves guns.

stop americanizing stuff se

cyguration1829d ago

The guy you just described sounds like a douche bag who I would punch in the face a lot.

I'm sure glad I haven't bought any games with a douche bag like that on the cover, otherwise I might punch the box until it breaks.

dragonyght1829d ago

"Square Enix wasted a console generation, but it's not too late for redemption"

Donnieboi1829d ago

People put a lot of hope in a game they never seen (except cut-scenes), and has little evidence of ever releasing.

Just think about it: If this game was the golden goose to get Square out of it's creative slump, then WHY have they not felt comfortable enough to release more info? We can only go by history, and in our MOST RECENT history, we see garbage like Final Fantasy X-2 and Lightning Returns (which looks like a cosplay convention gone awry). So, them thinking people would actually wan't that crap, WHY should I believe Square has the sense to make FF Versus any better. Why? Hope? C'mon, seriously. We're beating a dead horse here.

paybackprahl1829d ago

I think information has been so scarce because it's being prepped for release on PS4, and (obviously) that means they can't talk openly about it until Sony gives an official reveal.

koehler831829d ago

There has been a small amount of actual gameplay shown of the game and it does look genuinely exciting. Of course it's easy to show the 10 good minutes of a 10 hour production but it's more than just cutscenes are you assert.

The prospect of a Kingdom Hearts style game without the candy-coated Kingdom Hearts aesthetic is a tantalizing proposition.

Even now, I remain cautiously optimistic that if it ever comes out, it will be good.

uuaschbaer1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Because Versus is a side project, which means it doesn't have to be mainstream nor appeal to imaginary markets, i.e. do what all preceding FFs did.
(edit: all FFs preceding XI)

Irishguy951829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Where to begin. I'll keep this short.

While i'm personally not a fan of KH - MANY people are. The KH team is making Versus. Now...Nomura can make good games right? He seemingly knows excatly what people want out of Final Fantasy.

In short. We have confirmed

-World map
-Airships and vehicles and chocobos to travel this map
-Summon hunting
- A more serious story and less Emo/Despite their appearance, the characters seem quite normal.
- Yoko Shimmumura's music - win

- New combat system. Upgrade of Kh.
- Vehicles and Tps added to combat

- Summon hunting it back. Remember searching for Bahamut in FF8? Remember searching for Odin? Yes this type of stuff is back

Well...they are the main reasons to be excited. There are more though. Such as the story so far, the art direction etc. is 4 minutes of gameplay

Remember too, this footage is over 2 years old as well. For graphics sake I need to say that

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NateCole1829d ago

Just focus on being themselves. Not what they think other people think they should be. This goes for Capcom as well.

animegamingnerd1829d ago

if square still continues to destroying the final fantasy series we will still at least have persona and tales

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