Nintendo’s Lack of Interest From Gamers Force Them to Make More Bad Decisions

Today, some huge announcements were made by Nintendo. Announcements of new games were the center of attention as this is exactly what Wii U owners have been waiting for… or is it? The Wii U has done fair in sales for sure but has left players on the unhappy side in terms of games. Gamers want to love the Wii U but there is something keeping them from that feeling. When new announcements were made by Nintendo earlier today most players were alert and ready to hear exactly what they were going to say. There was an excitement in the air as we awaited big announcements from the company.

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TheSuperior 1984d ago

Nintendo is seriously starting to mean nothing to me. Why do they even bother to announce new things anymore? lets continue to do the same thing but sort of change the color of the main guys hat but only somtimes cuz Luigi's dreaming about his brother... smooth :/

NYC_Gamer1984d ago

Nintendo just doesn't build new franchises instead they continue with more spin-offs

BullyMangler1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

ha ha haaa . everyone reLax . this aint even E3 . ha ha haaa . it feels great to see how many people attack Nintendo Direct feeds like it was . hoh hohh !!

Yodagamer1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

They just announce 2 new games from new ips coming to the eshop. The wonderful 101 is another, if they own the rights to it. Pushmo/crashmo, sakura samuri, fluidity, xenoblade and the last story are also pretty recent.

1984d ago
MikeMyers1984d ago

This article complains about the lack of Wii U announcements even though it was already known this would be more about the 3DS.

chadboban1984d ago

Nintendo, does make new franchises. They just aren't marketed as well as games like Zelda and Mario. Hence why a lot of people assume that's all they do. It's kinda Nintendo's fault they're perceived that way to be honest and it's a shame.

People don't acknowledge games like Xenoblade and The Last Story as the Nintendo owned IPs they are because they don't seem like "something that Nintendo would do".

WiiUsauce1983d ago

lol Nintendo doesn't put out new franchises? So Pushmo isn't a new franchise? Rhythm Heaven, Dillon's Rolling Western, Sakurai Samurai, Ketzal's Corridors, Pandora's Tower, aren't all new franchises? these are just very recent games and they all star brand new characters and worlds.

There's even more original stuff they put out on Wii and DS like Hotel Dusk, Elite Beat Agents, Endless Ocean, and Excite Bots just to name a few.

FriedGoat1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )


It's interesting that such a big fan of Nintendo has no idea about their IPS, Rhythm Heaven Fever is not a new IP this is the third in the series. The original (rhythm tengoku) being on the GBA, the second on the DS and the third being on the Wii.

This is actually one of the only remaining series that I like on Nintendo consoles, probably because it was created by the WarioWare team. Mind you, they haven't made a good warioware game jam packed with content since Twisted on the GBA - back when Nintendo were all about the games.

Buff10441983d ago

Those spin-offs sell in the millions and have a healthy shelf life long term. Can't say the same for a lot of games from Sony/Microsoft/Third Parties.

Kurt Russell1983d ago

I've got no problem with spin offs and Mario based games as they are always fun and of high quality. What I have a problem with is the lack of wii U support. The console isn't exactly flying off the shelves due to the fact there is a limited amount of games available... Especially games exclusive to the console itself.

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PopRocks3591984d ago

Translation: I don't like this because Mario is in the title. Let's not bother to see if the game has anything new to offer to the formula, nope! I see Mario, I'm done. *wipes hands*

I honestly can't believe that this stupid community is actually ONCE AGAIN taking new game announcements and turning it into bad news.

bicfitness1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

There's nothing wrong with not liking Mario. It doesn't make you inbred or a nazi or anything. And if you take away Mario, or lifestyle software and get down to the games really, the proportion of desirable content gets exponentially smaller. What new IPs has Nintendo put out lately? 1st party stuff. Not sporadic titles that get released every 5 years or so, but genuine fresh IPs that they nurture and build? What was AAA, 1st party, fresh IP? I can't even recall.

ThePsychoGamer1984d ago

I don't think I've seen any one but complain so much about an online community (well except for trolls), if you don't like this sites community, then leave, the doors right there. Go find some community the sees the same illusion of Nintendo that you see, or make your own. But please stop with the negativity towards this community.

Neonridr1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

it's hard to take this community seriously when there are so many people on here that automatically assume anything Nintendo does is garbage, but if Sony or MS copy it and slap their own branding on it, suddenly it's acceptable.

The reason Nintendo stays the course is because their games sell. Wanna know why there will be a Mario Kart Wii U? Because the Wii version sold 33 million+ copies. Name one Sony or Microsoft game that has done even half of that? Oh what, you can't?

Nintendo is a business, and their end goal is to make money. If 20 million people buy a Super Mario Brothers game don't you think they're going to want to release another one?

It's simple economics here people, they aren't in business to make you feel special inside or make you feel warm in the pants. They are here to make money.. And sales don't lie.

Not to mention that this whole Luigi thing is just a DLC addon to an existing Wii U game. Something to add more value to a game, and it's frowned upon... WOW.

1984d ago
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Why is it that all nintendo news is good to you?

Can't you admit that maybe just maybe they are doing something wrong? I am a sony fan but I can at least see that they also f**k up..

I wouldn't want an uncharted: Karting, Uncharted: tennis and new uncharted:spin off for the next 20 years. Really one recipe for every generation might not work forever.

But I can understand you like mario since you played mario games for a long time.

Even I liked mario galaxy!

But really nintendo is kinds looking sad with all the repeating games.

Since the 80's man...

It's like you already know what to expect and that is no fun.

But lol I think nintendo is eying sony hence the announcements.

I would would be stupid to not consider buying wiiU later in the future when games start to come.

Xenoblade is looking hot!

I hope nintendo and sony dominate next gen. I like both better than Microsoft.

Qrphe1984d ago

Well they're opinions, not everyone likes Mario and Luigi still. I don't find these news exciting so they're neither good nor bad.

LOL_WUT1984d ago

It's the same old formula with Nintendo. Fans gladly accept anything Nintendo throws at them no wonder Nintendo doesn't bother taking any risks.

@ThePsychoGamer Well said ;)

Yodagamer1984d ago

I love mario, i'll be the first to admit it, but mario has been in a slump (probably because the last titles have been nsmb titles). I mean they don't even try to change the wheel on those. Heck even mario golf on the 3ds shows more creativity than the recent 2d mario games.

RuperttheBear1984d ago

'Fans gladly accept anything Nintendo throws at them no wonder Nintendo doesn't bother taking any risks. '

What the f*uck does any other company do? Really?

Lay it down the line and ask yourself what any other company does to make games? What difference has Sony made to gaming? What has it added to gaming, and be honest.

Because I don't see a lot of difference coming from Sony. Last of Us? I want it, but it's been done before. I've played games like Stalker, Resident Evil, Silent Hill. It's nothing new. It might have a layer of polish, but it's not reallly anything I haven't seen before.

God of War: Ascension? Seen it all before. Oh but it has multiplayer? So what, pretty much every game has multiplayer.

Beyond: Two Souls? You watch a cutscene and decide which path to take. Deciding which path you should take through a game has been going for years, decades. What does it really do that is new? You have prettier graphics.

Little Big Planet? Making your own levels has been standard for pc for years. It's nothing new, it just has better presentation.

At the end of the day Nintendo is no more guilty of recycling game ideas than anyone else. The fact is you don't see it.

Donnieboi1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Relax fanboy. Realize that MAYBE the reason that the MAJORITY of people are growing bored of Nintendo is because Nintendo might be...I dunno, boring?

You don't have some special insight that allows you to see why Nintendo is somehow magically amazing, while the rest of us are left in the dark, do you? They are not doing anything to excite the average gamer. Nintendo fans never demand much. Nintendo only now finally stepped out of the stone-age and into modern gaming, online, etc. Nintendo could release Yoshi-printed toilet paper, and Nintendo fans would be content.

The rest of us are not. It's not HATE towards Nintendo, it is us coming to a realization that Nintendo is just plain losing it (Core-gaming-wise). Nintendo may sell like crazy, but I don't personally know anyone (who is an adult) who feels an attachment to Nintendo's franchises anymore. The irony with that, is that it is mostly adults who have the fondest memories of Nintendo, SNES, and N64. Yet, Nintendo never grew up with us. I'm fine with family gaming, so I don't mean mature rating games. What I mean, is that their franchises have never evolved. I grew into an adult, I have experienced new things. I evolved. When will Nintendo? So it may sell, but who is the demographic? The reason why 3ds is selling so well is because of children. I only once seen an adult with a 3ds (seriously). I seen more adults with Vita's (although 3DS out-sells Vita 10-1), Old DS's, and Mobile Phones instead of 3ds. I see mostly children with 3DS. Why? Because parents will not buy their small kids/pre-teens a mobile phone. And the Vita is barely marketed and no adult in their right mind would give a Vita to a child who would break it so easily (and it barely has any kid games). So 3DS only wins by default.

But let's stay on Wii U. If you think that most people are wrong, and that you are so right, then maybe your the one who is delusional. Look at the comments, look at Wii U's sales (software-wise). The only games selling on Wii U are children games/first parties (the first parties due to fanboys buying Super Mario Bros Wii U which is an HD rehash of the Wii version with new maps whipped together using a simple level deitor Nintendo probably had). Most people are not impressed by Nintendo's lack of initiative any more (same goes for Microsoft's handling of 360/Kinect/Live fees in the last 3 years). And I think it's because of Iwata that Nintendo is losing it's edge (he was prez since Gamecube to now). But Iwata is a whole other topic.

So I always hear you guys talking about how everyone else has it wrong, and are just haters. But I got news for you: NOT everyone is trying to hate. Almost all of us probably owned and loved a Nintendo product at some time. But MAYBE the majority of people just plain fine Nintendo "Underwhelming" NOW. Maybe that's what the "U" in Wii U should stands for.

bicfitness1984d ago

@Rupert. Folklore, Genji, Rain (think that's what its called, not Heavy Rain), Gravity Rush, Heavenly Sword, Demon's Souls, Soul Sacrifice, Tokyo Jungle. I could go on and on. All new IPs, all created by Sony (1st party) in the last 5 years or so. What's interesting is about 1/2 of those weren't commercial explosions, yet Sony made them anyway. That's how you spur creativity. You don't keep painting the same picture and expect it to be just as evocative as the last, you paint a new one. With fresh ideas and subjects. Sure, it might not be as good as the last, but it COULD be better. A masterpiece even.

And Beyond doesn't play like HR at all, if you actually read developer interviews. One thing that I'll give Mr. Cage is that he's actually making games for an adult audience. I'm not talking about that bromance, space-marine crap, that's just as juvenile as Mario can be. I'm talking about emotional journeys that involve families and decision making. I'm a 30+ year old man now with a family, I enjoy games that cater to this aspect of my lifestyle. That's not to say that I can't sit down and enjoy a mindless shooter or a platform game or two, but those sorts of experiences aren't made to stimulate an emotional response other than gratification.

Also LBP is the perfect example of a broadly appealing game. You can play that game with a child as its platforming is simple enough, but the British narrator and his wry sense of humour (Tim Fry?) and the deeper construction elements are definitely geared toward adults. Its like a Pixar movie in terms of different levels of perception operating within the same experience. There is no "deeper" level to Mario. He's still after the princess, he's still collecting gold and jumping around, and he'll probably beat up Bowser at the end. Nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is. And for some people like myself, we've looked elsewhere for more moving experiences.

Gaming is a fantastic medium that is just now starting to age and grow with its audience. I can't wait to see where it goes next, and I hope that Nintendo jumps on the bandwagon one day instead of relying on rehashing IPs.

RuperttheBear1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Ninja Theory made Heavenly Sword, Game Republic who are now no more made Folklore, they are dead. They will make games no longer.

Demons Souls was made by From Software, who clearly didn't rely on Sony for their sequel as the next game in the series went multiplat.

Soul Sacrifice? Well the Sun shines on a dogs ass at least once a day.

Tokyo Jungle? Who cares about Tokyo Jungle? Lol, you are seriously reaching.

The Sony exclusives only really concern the Sony faithful. There are games that might be something to shout about, but most people don't hear you.

We're too busy playing other games.

bicfitness1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Heavenly Sword was a JOINT VENTURE - 2nd party - IP that Sony OWNS and SCEE helped make. NT originally was trying to prep the game on the Xbox, but MS didn't want it. Sony stepped in and sealed the deal with an exclusivity clause, and/ or formalized the IP (I'm not sure that it was "Heavenly Sword" at that point and not some random brawler). Same with Demon's Souls and From Software. SCEJ actually worked on assets and coding and everything with that game. Game Republic worked on Folklore and the PSP sequel as 2nd party as well. Sony OWNS and nourished/ published the IP.

You clearly ignored Gravity Rush and a bunch of other games simply because they didn't fall in line with your rhetoric. If you'd like to make the argument that Nintendo are more supportive and experimental with publishing IPs than Sony have proven themselves to be, go on, I'd like to hear it.

Imalwaysright1984d ago

@ Rupert True. Imo the last revolutionary game this industry has seen was GTA3. Pretty much every game released this gen has followed templates that were set by games released more than 10 years ago. Having said that I think its safe to say that Sony has done a better job at offering their fanbase more varied experiences than Nintendo. Twisted Metal, Warhawk, MLB the Show, Motorstorm, Siren series, Demons Souls, Sly, InFamous... are examples of that variety.

PopRocks3591984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

You know what I love about all of the moronic ingrates here who are accusing me of being a fanboy and saying it's not okay to dislike Mario?

The funny thing is I never said anything of the goddamn sort. I said it was stupid that this article and the early commenters were trying to make the announcement of Mario games sound like a bad idea. It's like trying to say Disney putting out a family film is a bad idea. It's beyond stupid, and so are some of these comments.


So basically you admit that the community is shit and I should just up and leave. Okay, bite me first. I've been following this community for a couple of years, commenting for at least one and there has been NO improvements on the immaturity or the blatant bias. Seriously, I'll be as negative toward this community as I care to be because it's completely warranted.

New IPs, look at the eshop. I don't see Microsoft bringing out any new IPs either. But hey, let's single out Nintendo cuz it's fun!


Because I thought that tying games to a console or giving some poor soul less than half the money (on the wrong shop no less) he needed for lost VC games were good news? You're completely false there.

And no, I won't admit that because the Mario formula is a good one that works and continues to work.


Never said otherwise. I just think it's stupid that announcements for a company's mascot character is construed as bad news.


Fair enough; I disagree to a slight degree. The only games that truly repeat the same thing over and over are the sports titles (generally) and NSMB. The 3D games almost always innovate.


The majority. Yeah. Right. You sir, are nothing short of a fool. THAT was as ridiculous a comment as I'm gonna see today.

Honestly, I don't think I've seen more strawman arguments in one post. Good show.

EDIT: Also lol "fanboy." Like I haven't heard that one before.

OH HEY!! You know what I love the most about you condescending individuals? You act like my "fanboyism" is so horrible when really at this point I'm just annoyed at the constant barrage of negativity on EVERY. SINGLE. Nintendo news on this site. And it's always you same guys as well. Go figure.

If I was half as negative on Sony related articles, I'd be down to a single bubble in less than a week.

ThePsychoGamer1984d ago

Maybe if you weren't blinded by how much you hate for this site, you could have comprehended what I said, I said nothing about this community.

I said that instead of annoying and degrading this community purely because some of it's members have a different opinion then you, you should leave.

The site would be better with out you you trolling the community

PopRocks3591984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


Hey, taking my words out of context. That hasn't happened at all either!

Yeah, I'm the troll when all I have done is defend Nintendo (and apparently myself). That makes a crapload of sense when you and several others here ONLY spew the same negative rhetoric on every single Nintendo related article.

Not to mention before the system even came out, you would not stop obsessing over region locking. Every article, no matter what the context was about region locking.

So yeah, clearly I'm so horrible for this community. With guys like you, who needs trolls?

EDIT: You DID mention the community. Read your own comment, you troll. And by the way, given this website's (and its community's) shoddy at best reputation, you'd do well to do some thinking before insulting me just for criticizing said community. At this point I could have said much worse and it still would have been accurate and warranted.

Stroke6661984d ago

debbiedowner just proves the double standard, as she stupidly admits her minor nephew playsmature rated COD(plz don't cop a plea that he's 18 in hs cause then u wouldnt make the mario comparison) by the way the dude that shot up the kindergarten in conneticut played cod should i be worried about ur nephew. back on track, cod has been done how many times but thats fine, nintendo uses there ip and something is wrong with that? nintendo is the company people love to hate.

SilentNegotiator1984d ago

"it's hard to take this community seriously when there are so many people on here that automatically assume anything Nintendo does is garbage"

That's a load of sh**. No one "assumes everything Nintendo does is garbage". A lot of people are just sick of Nintendo making the same games over and over.

insomnium21983d ago


"Nintendo is a business, and their end goal is to make money. If 20 million people buy a Super Mario Brothers game don't you think they're going to want to release another one? "

But what's in it for you? Another Mario chasing the same princess all over again. You want that?

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kirbyu1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

What are you talking about? If you're talking about the New Super Luigi Bros. U DLC, it's not just replacing Mario with Luigi, Iwata said all the levels were redesigned.

Why does being a sequel automatically make a game bad? Why does being a new IP automatically make a game good?

I also don't get why people keep saying the Wii U needs 3rd party support.

3rd party games aren't automatically good, 1st party games aren't automatically bad.

That's not what he was trying to say. He was saying you shouldn't judge a game solely on what franchise it is. I don't get why so many Mario games is so bad. It's not like they're all the same.

bicfitness1984d ago

Well to start off, he called the entire N4G community "stupid", so that set the tone for hostility, not discussion, right there.

It is the process of creativity that drives invention and ingenuity. Developers and publishers should always be pushing for new IP. Continuing to capitalize upon a successful franchise while outputting next to nothing that is new is not good. Eventually, you go creatively bankrupt. People who think that Mario will endure for all time at the rate the market is shifting are in for a rude awakening. Giants like WoW and, CoD are finally starting to peak and erode. It happens to every IP after a while and with the explosion of indie games, Kickstarter projects and bold new ways to publish, these archaic IPs will continue to look more and more dated.

Its in Nintendo's best interests to make new IPs while they're still relevant. My nephew and niece are 3 and 5, respectively, and do you know what they play? What they have plushies of? Angry Birds. Not my cup of tea, but its a great lesson in how brands can shift on a dime.

amaguli1984d ago

People see that lack of new IPs from Nintendo very disheartening, because there was a time when Nintendo introduced fresh, new franchises to gaming.

Now it is just Mario, Mario spin-offs, and party games. No one is saying Mario is bad, it is Nintendo's heavy reliance on the franchise that is bad. We understand that Mario is a big name and is guaranteed to sell like crazy, but that is no excuse for the lack of innovation from Nintendo.

It is just tough love from the community.

ElectricKaibutsu1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


Sony made 3 new IPs last year according to Wikipedia: Wonderbook, Sorcery, and Tokyo Jungle. Nintendo also made 3: Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower.

It's like if a game doesn't have Mario in the title people don't know it's a new IP by Nintendo, but if a game does have Mario in the title people complain that they don't make new IPs.

I agree Nintendo releases a lot of games with Mario in the title but I don't think that makes them any less innovative. Every Mario game, excluding direct sequels, are drastically different from each other. It seems to me that the people who tend to bash Mario games (not you) are the ones who would never give them a chance. In the end, Mario games tend to be well made, fun games. If someone has some specific aversion to the Mario character then I could see how that could limit their enjoyment of Nintendo games, but otherwise I don't see the problem of having a mascot as long as all the games aren't the same.

Mottsy1984d ago

Well said Electric! Nintendo games are fun! I like Mario games. From tennis to paper Mario they our different. Now I agree Nintendo may not be for everyone, gaming as a community is so diverse now adays. When I grew up with Nintendo and Sega it was mostly a nerdy not socially acceptable for the most part. Now we see video games everywhere.Certain games are going to attract a different crowd. Nintendo for the most part has a well solid formula and I believe they are trying to just please all the crowds, Old and young. But the proof is in the pudding you can't please everyone. I don't just enjoy playing Nintendo games I enjoy most games from all consoles PC included but I for sure can say I do not hate Nintendo. Playa Don't Hate! just play!

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chadboban1984d ago

Sony and Nintendo have always been the consoles I buy and honestly, neither of them have let me down yet. Sure people will have their different tastes and whatnot, and there is nothing wrong with not liking Mario, but to me saying they're all the same without playing them is going kinda far. I mean you seriously gonna tell me that the new Mario and Luigi RPG they announced is the same as Luigi's Mansion 2?

People always say that Nintendo doesn't take risks, it's pretty much like Nintendo didn't even announce that new Monolith game, you know that RPG with the mechs and giants monsters. Yep, that's just typical Nintendo right? And crossing over Shin Megami Tensei with Fire Emblem, sure there is absolutely no risk there, correct? And lets not forget releasing games like Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower(I'm aware that TLS and PT are published by XSEED in America but Nintendo did have a hand in making these games) in a market where JRPGs are constantly being called irrelevant.

I know Nintendo is seen as being a company that does the same thing over and over, but if you ask me, this gen, they really seem to be trying harder. especially since their doing stuff like publishing games like The Wonderful 101 and (please don't attack me for this) Bayonetta 2, Monolith's new game and SMTxFE like I mentioned before.

Like I said in the beginning Sony and Nintendo have always suited me as a gamer, but as I go around the internet I always see people fighting over which one is the best. It's only since the day I began to browse the web I became aware of this thing where we apparently HAVE to pick sides. Well pardon my french here but I really don't give a shit. Just enjoy what you play, because in the end that's all that matters.

Denethor_II1984d ago

"Nintendo’s Lack of Interest From Gamers"

Don't alienate gamers in favor for your fickle causal player then.
Microsoft need to take note here. Yes you can make some money from this consumer base, but they'll jump ship as soon as something else catches their eye. Sony did it right this gen, and although had to share its core consumer base with MS, I think it will pay dividends next gen if MS go full retard with Kinecto.

N4g_null1984d ago

Really we might need the gamer zone back. This is why I'm glad Nintendo has miiverse. You don't have to put up with all the trolling. I'm glad to see they did this direct and I hope the alien game is fixed on the wiiu, we may even need a demo now also.

morkendo231983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

this not for you "THESUPERIOR"

NINTENDO could have won me over with titles for wii-U from SNES portfolio but that has not happen (YET). soooo many great games could have been re-done.

Bobby Kotex1983d ago

I'll get downvoted, but look at the Nintendo fans. They eat up every new Mario game like candy when it's just the same crap with a fresh coat of paint.

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linkkjm1984d ago

Eh, I never was a Nintendo fan.

NintyJazz1984d ago

That doesnt answer the question. If you don't have any interest in Nintendo, what made you click on the article and comment? There's nothing rational about that, just saying, I know this site is full of trolls though

Neonridr1984d ago

The last Nintendo Direct focused more on the Wii U, this one was more on the 3DS. Nintendo has an extremely successful handheld department that they have to continue to support are nuture. There are over 25 million people with 3DS devices that are eager to learn about what new games they are going to get to play. We had some pretty good Wii U coverage with the whole Resident Evil Revelations, Monolith Softs new game, the new Fire Emblem game and Bayonetta 2.

It's funny how they have a really good Nintendo Direct with a lot of surprises, now suddenly everyone expects them all to be like that...

kirbyu1984d ago

Anyone who was expecting Wii U announcements shouldn't have. A whole bunch of Wii U games in the last Nintendo Direct, which was like, only a month ago. They're probably saving their big announcements for E3.

sandman2241984d ago

They should really lower the price of there console to 199. Then maybe it wouldn't be so bad. If not they're going to be joining sega and jaguar in retirement!

Yodagamer1984d ago

There isn't even a chance of that, why anybody thinks that is insane. They've pretty well said they have money saved up, it's gonna be a very long time before nintendo goes under.