University author argues that games 'where you must kill to survive' are good for female children

PSU writes:

"An academic thesis published in December 2012 argues that "predation play" - a descriptor of video games that encourage survival at any cost - offers valuable lessons and inspiration for young females.

Elena Bertozzi of Long Island University published her article, titled "Killing for Girls: Predation Play and Female Empowerment," in the Bulletin of Science Technology & Society several weeks ago. "Videogames that simulate predation - games in which the player is being hunted by others and must kill to survive - have long been the province of young males," Bertozzi claims. "Playing games that virtually simulate predation . . . has many benefits for female players.""

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1920d ago

Lol he must be some dad who wants to protect his daughter from horny boys later on in life.


SilentNegotiator1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Killing to survive in a video game = Female empowerment ?

....pass the weed, Dr. Bertozzi. I think there are better ways to teach girls to grow up to be good little feminists than "killing for necessity in video games"

matrixman921920d ago

well then...thats a change

TekoIie1920d ago

Is this a false flag attack? This logic could easily be twisted :/

Kingthrash3601920d ago

* looks at 17 year old daughter. ..looks at her boyfriend.....*... agreed..

KwietStorm1920d ago

Her entire point is that girls are not exposed to situations where they gain experience in predation roles, and violent games will teach them how to handle being put in a corner, in regards to gender disparity. Far Cry 3 is apparently a great place to start.

LOL so what would she have young girls do? Stealth stab men in the neck and go on AK-Killing sprees any time they feel discriminated against for being a female? Her coherence in her "studies" is laughable.

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